Hunger refers to the food status of your Character. You can replenish your hunger by eating various food. If you keeps your character at Starving, they will not gain Successes in any skill until they refill their Hunger.

The hunger status appears in the Statistics window. There are six possible values, in order they are

  1. Very Full
  2. Full
  3. A bit Hungry
  4. Hungry
  5. Very Hungry
  6. Starving

Each character's hunger will gradually worsen while the character is in the game. A logged-out character's hunger status does not change.

Tips Edit

Any strategy that prevents starvation is good. The best way is to periodically check the hunger status in the Statistics window. If the status is not Very Full, then repeatedly eat food until the status becomes Very Full. It is best to stay Very Full because if you forget about your hunger or get distracted, you will have more time before you become Starving.

You also may be Very Full but not have your hunger filled all the way. It is completely filled when you get the message: "You feel like you couldn't eat another bite". Continuing to eat after you get that message achieves nothing besides wasting your food.