The items listed below are part of the role-playing aspects of Oberin. Some of them were important in the context of RTQs, some of them are known to exist and still unfound. There are also those, such as the silver leaves or the magic stones, that started as RTQ items and then became common objects available in bigger quantities and with different uses. As for the books, some are lost, others are in the possession of specific people, and others are held in the libraries around the world.


Magical BooksEdit

Ancient HistoryEdit

The Shurilizuk

  • Tome of the Old
  • Tome of Haven
  • Hymns of Solitude
  • Tome of Emergence
  • Tome of Elara

Cecil's editions of ancient books - Brigobaen Library

Other BooksEdit

Other Historical DocumentsEdit

Mirithian TreasureEdit

Objects made from fragments of the moonEdit


  • Dragon Stone
  • Elemental
  • Hades
  • Immunity
  • Mana
  • Thievery


Silver ObjectsEdit




  • Vial of Centaur's Blood

Istra Falvo's ConcoctionsEdit

  • Elixir of Love
  • Elixir of Forgetfulness
  • Elixir of Zimm
  • Elixir of Spirit
  • Elixir