Hiding is the skill that shrouds you from all others sight. Successes are gained by successfully hiding. It is thought that, like Tracking, 4 or more steps must be taken after each success, for it to be counted. Higher hiding levels mean, the less times you have to try to hide to successfully hide. Hiding is mostly used when someone has to leave the computer and is in enemy territory, or when a large group of foes rushes them they can hide as a last chance at life. It works identically to drinking an invisibility potion.

You will reveal yourself if you try to move or take another action (other than the exceptions listed below). You can also be revealed if another player uses the Detecting Hidden skill. Unlike being stealthed, being hidden is a way for others to still Orb you (if on the surface, that is), to find you.

Note that while Hiding makes you completely invisible, it does not allow others to walk on your space. Other players might notice this and then try to use Detecting Hidden, especially if you stand in a busy area or in front of a fireplace. Unfortunately, Creatures are not subject to this limit, and any creature that bumps into you while hidden will reveal you.

Unlike de-stealthing, no message is given about this, such that a few consider it "nudging," the interface being less than a bump. Also, no message is given about "You have bumped into a creature," so it may again not be considered a logged "bump," in the text log.

While hidden, you can perform these actions without revealing yourself:

- Use Orb of Seeing

- Change active skill as long as the new skill does not affect items in hand (such as switching from Cooking to Magery)

- Drink an Invisibility Potion

- Activate a Special/Fighter skill (assumedly any skill, from this description; but there is instant-backlash, see wrestling).

- Activate Stealth (if successful in the Stealth attempt)

Stealth can be triggered from a hidden state without revealing the character. A rogue can transition seamlessly from an immobile hidden state to a mobile stealthed one. But should the stealth attempt fail, hidden status will be broken as well.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that one must walk seven steps between successful hiding attempts to receive skill success. Or at least stealth.