In sight of the summit.

The Hidden Peak is a tall, snowy mountain in the Duldrus range. It can be accessed from two sides. One concealed pathway up the mountain can be found inside the Hidden Vale, hence the name. The other pathway up the mountain begins at the 'head' of the snake-shaped canyon just to the east of South Duldrus.

On the Hidden Vale side, the lower levels of the peak are without snow and are inhabited by Forest Dracos, Air Elementals, Blink Hounds, Harpies, Poison Elementals, and Bracken.

As one ascends the slopes, they will find an abundance of snow, rocks, and near-frozen lakes. Frost Giants, Gooeys, Ice Dracos, Gapers, and Frost Spiders reside in these colder regions.


The path spiraling upwards on the Duldrus side.

The area just below the summit is dotted throughout with boulders, making targetting more difficult. At the summit itself, there lives an Ice Dragon with many of its kin. The summit – and the path leading down to Duldrus – is also known as the Serpent's Spire.

Descending from the summit on the Duldrus side, one will find a spiral path, coiling around itself like a snake. There are a number of Gapers and Frost Spiders in this area, but no dracos or giants.


On the 11th day of the Blue Moon of Year 439, an army of Frost Giants descended from the pass and attacked the Hidden Vale. Sometime during the chaos, rockfalls opened up new paths up the mountain. The party that gathered to defeat the invaders discovered the pass by chance and proceeded to climb to the top. The ascent was fraught with many deaths, due in part to the large army of Frost Giants present. The army was destroyed, however, and the population of the ice creatures soon reached a steady equilibrium.


The Duldrus ascent.

On the 51st Day of the Blue Moon, Year 439, Jedd discovered the Duldrus pass whilst searching the area for any new paths opened up by the recent rockslides. He called on Charonia and Boric to help explore the area, but the three were eventually turned back by the dragon. Not yet realizing that the pass connected to the Hidden Vale, they christened it "The Serpent's Spire".

Since the original invasion, the forces of ice have gathered to attack the lands below on two occassions. The first was on Day 228 of the Fighting Moon, Year 440, on the Duldrus side. The attack was a direct result of the return of Vandrovic with the Ice Spirit. The second time was on Day 78 of the Harvest Moon, Year 441, on the Hidden Vale side. This invasion was repelled with the help of Troll Chieftain Koggar.