If you play Oberin, you might have many accounts:

  1. A username and password for your Oberin character
  2. A second account for your alt
  3. An account for the Oberin website (including forums), separate from the Oberin game
  4. One or more accounts at those guild forums
  5. An OberinWiki account, too?

You do not need an account to edit.

Even if you do not log in to OberinWiki, you can always read and edit the wiki. You can participate as much or as little as you want; it will help us even if you only make one minor correction.

But we recommend it.

Still, we recommend that you register an account and log in if you can. It is the only way to have a username at OberinWiki. Accounts from other Wikia sites also work here at OberinWiki. We recommend a Wikia account to anyone who is a frequent editor or who wants an account. Need to pick a username and password? We suggest that you use the same username that you use in the Oberin game or forum, but use a different password.

Benefits of an OberinWiki account[edit source]

  • Logging in allows you to upload images. Images such as Oberin screenshots might be useful for illustrating articles.
  • Logging in allows you to have a user page. Log in, then click the link to your user page to create one. (The link is at the top of each web page, to the left of "my talk".)
  • Your IP address will not be revealed if you edit while logged in.
  • Only logged-in users are eligible to become administrators of this wiki.

There are other reasons, including the ability to set your account preferences. For more information, read Why create an account?

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