Healing is the skill associated with recovering hit points. Successes are gained by successfully bandaging yourself, or another user. You cannot bandage pets. Although healing is not directly used to recover hit points, it is used as a passive skill for gradually regaining HP, much like meditation. This skill is one of the clerics primes

The healing skill works differently for clerics than for any other class. Clerics must not have a targeted opponent to recharge their HP at its maximum rate. All other classes recharge at a rate based on their healing skill level at all times. All classes heal at a rate of 1 HP per cycle without the use of a bandage, and 2 HP per cycle when a bandage is active. Additional bandages after the first have no effect on the healing rate (although they do result in healing skill successes). Bandages remain active until full HP are achieved, or they reach an unknown time limit (approximately 4 minutes). A fighter hunting alone can kill several opponents while a single bandage regenerates her HP (as long as she never reaches full HP).

Hit point regeneration does not occur in a smooth, continuous fashion. Rather, it occurs on a die roll based on the character's healing skill. Oberin time is divided into 25 possible "healing cycles". A character with Healing 25 will regain hit points continuously, where a character with Healing 5 will only regain hit points on 20% of the possible cycles. As these successful cycles are chosen randomly, the character's HP may jump two or three times in succession then not move for a few seconds, then jump again. But over time, a character with Healing 4 will regenerate twice as fast as one with Healing 2, and half as fast as one with Healing 8.

A cleric with a targetted opponent regains HP slower than any other class, even slower than a Fighter with Healing 1. Many clerics make use of this fact to assist in increasing their Healing skill by bandaging.

New plate characters are advised to get to Healing Level 5 (their maximum) as early as feasible. Doing so will take approximately 1620 bandages total. Healing 2 requires approximately 540 bandages. Healing 3 requires approximately 200 bandages. Healing 4 requires approximately 360 bandages. And Healing 5 requires approximately 520 bandages. The simplest method is to wrestle Giant Rats on the Lerilin docks until health is low, then step out onto water and begin bandaging. Do not attempt to click too quickly, as bandages are wasted on these speedy attempts even though they do not generate fail messages. When health is nearly full again, wrestle a few more rats. The entire process from Healing 1 to Healing 5 takes less than an hour.