The Great Mirith Festival of the Ages was a celebration organised in 432 by the Mirith Vanguard, under the request of King Galandir, to present the latter's newborn son to the people of Oberin.


The Festival started on the 228th day of the Growing Moon, lasting for a few days, and was composed by several events, such as the appearance of a fortune teller, a race to Welif, a quiz on history (with the presence of bards and scholars), and an arena fight between several different creatures.

Towards the end of the Festival, the King hosted a reception in the castle, where he welcomed very special guests: a group of centaurs led by Mernias. The centaurs became, at that moment, the official guardians of Prince N'eroth, to whom they were to teach the ways of the Centaur and prepare him for his future duty.