A hostile Gaper in the deep forest

A medium-sized monster with several stalks jutting from its head. It has magical abilities and can heal itself, has a fairly weak defense but very strong offense. Gapers are level 9, and can cast Lightning Bolt, Paralyze, Disorient, Poison, Weaken, Lesser Heal (on themselves), Lesser Detox (on themselves), Clumsy and Simple Mind. They also have the ability to teleport a target a short distance from themselves, either bringing the target closer to the Gaper or throwing it a short distance away. This ability is not a spell and cannot be prevented with Resisting Magic, Robes of Resistance, or Magic Reflection.

Gapers have no physical attack. They can see through invisibility and stealth and will cast spells on hidden targets. Gapers have a very long following distance. They will remain hostile on a character despite the character running far offscreen from it. It is not uncommon for a character to believe the gaper has been "dropped" only to have it appear minutes later from behind.

Known Loot: Gold, Ginsengs, Mandrake Roots, Amber, Volcanic Ash, Poison Glands, Coal, Electric Eels, Raw Steaks, Gaper Stalks, Gaper Eye.

Spotted: Deep in the woods, Many dungeons, Near Neblin.


Several years ago Gapers were the only tameable magic creature. Once the "Eye" rtq was finished all but perhaps one rumored gaper pet is still in the current version of Oberin as a player's pet.

Neblin is scared of gapers, and claims they are stalking him. He will shout "WHERE?!!?" almost every time someone says the word.