A Forager Ant in the Ant Cave. Picture courtesy of Sophina.

Forager Ants are fast and relatively strong for being a level 2 creature. They appear "white" on Tracking, but they are hostile. They often carry the five ordinary colors of Crystals, Raw Steaks, Mushrooms, Feathers, and reagents such as Ginseng and Lotus Flowers. For new players, they are a good way to get some experience (skill) and earn gold by selling the crystals in the Gem Shop. If you go out the Lerilin gate that is next to the temple and continue along the rocks until you reach the point, forager ants reliably spawn just South and Southwest of that point. Be careful, though, sometimes there are 3 - 6 and you can get swarmed if you aren't careful. Forager ants are difficult to outrun and are relentless, but will turn and run if injured severely enough. Of course, chasing an injured forager ant will often lead you into their angered comrades.

Forager ants can be tamed and make good level 2 pets. They are fast enough to catch other ants and fairly tough. If you are going out to try taming of an ant, the easiest way is to take a druid with you who can cast Calm. You should lure one ant away from the area where the ants spawn, and then tame the calmed ant as it wanders around. You can tame an ant after it's injured enough to run away from you (not as easily if still Red upon you), but as stated above it will often lead you into danger when it runs. Pet forager ants can be fed raw steaks, steaks, trout, eels, lobsters, fish steaks, or dried trout. They have lower Resisting Magic than Worker ants.