Fishing is the Harvesting Skill associated with catching marine creatures from water. You need a Fishing Pole to use this skill. This skill does not have any real use as buying the items caught is more efficient, but it has nonetheless proven to be a favorite pastime for no small percentage of the denizens of Oberin.

Check the Harvesting Skill page for success chances and time taken to level up.

Using either an Eel Pole or Lobster Pole will grant the respective items.

Catches Edit

There is a 0.67% chance for any successful catch with and pole to be a rare item instead granting 2 Success. This can be anything from a Red Crystal to a Neptune's Trident and therefore is an ineffective way to gather rare items.

lvl item success
1+ Trout 1
3+ Electric Eel 2
6+ Lobster 2
6+ Tuna 2
6+ Sea Bass 1

Not Moving Penalties Edit

In addition to the usual Harvesting Skill success chance mechanics there are further penalties for this skill specifically.

time (h) chance to fail
0.25 50%
0.5 75%
1 100%