Obtained From
Rocks, Mines
Skill Associated
Level Required
Weight Points
Tool Required
Mining axe

Ferrite is the ore extracted from mines or rocks in Oberin, it can initially be processed into ingots and then forged into various items using the Blacksmithing Skill. A mining axe is required to extract it. Alternatively, one can give 10 Rust Glands to Morks at the Andris Port Atelier in order to receive 50 Ferrite. Ferrite used to be found in the remains of air elementals, but they no longer drop them.

Ferrite is also needed by wizards, who can extract from it the Etherite they need for enchanting.

Ferrite is also considered a trading currency in Oberin, because of the low amount of miners. Such a high demand in the community can raise the price of ferrite to soar well above the standard price shops will pay for it.