Falov Ellychas was a Senator of Andris, elected in the year 438 alongside Senators Grantham and Janik. He served the city until his untimely death in the year 441.

Having come from a humble background, Ellychas as Senator was a champion of the poor and an enemy of injustice of all stripes. A warm, likeable, and understanding man, he had a habit of referring to everyone as a “friend” in his speech. Occasionally, he would have to correct himself, such as when addressing Tirana’s ambassador during the Andris Charity Ball.

I believe in education. She might have had a bad learning environment as she grew up. She might change, friend, if we are kind. And cautious.

Ellychas speaking about Csilith, The Servant and the Senators

Staying true to his roots, Senator Ellychas spent much of his time working with the miners of Andris. They could often be found talking and singing throughout the workday. Ellychas also founded a program to teach reading and writing to the largely illiterate miners, though he himself could not read either.

Due to his close ties to the miners, Ellychas became an important actor in the mediation of the Morganstown Strike of 439. The strike brought him into conflict with Senator Grantham, whose high-handed treatment of the workers had caused the dispute in the first place.

In spite of this clash, Ellychas maintained a positive working relationship with Grantham and all the other Senators besides. His tenure was cut short by the mysterious Black Shadow assassin, of whom little is still known. Ellychas left behind a powerful legacy, however, and became an inspiration to a great number of working class citizens. Most notable among these is the miner Jan Varouf, who became the newest senator in the Elections of 448.

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