Evroulf McTyr is the latest Commander of Marali, having replaced the late Commander Nyatha Vaup at some point after her death in 441. Prior to this, he was a Major, having been appointed on Day 20 of the Harvest Moon of Year 439 by Vaup as a replacement for the late Major Sule Tesdor. He is also the nephew of late Major Emma McTyr.

McTyr is known for his developed sense of hearing (the most important in a ranger, according to him), his musical vocabulary, and for his love for hell hounds. He is,even, extremely engaged in the fight against the black market of fur, which pleases his best friend, a hound called Kang.

Some older Maralians still remember that, around 426, McTyr was romantically involved with Anthea Waltham, to whom he taught how to use a bow. Details of this involvement, or the chronology of Anthea's marriage with the wool magnate from Andris are quite blurry, and none of them will talk about the matter.

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