The Division of Diabolical Devices, also known as simply the D.D.D. or the Diabolicals, is a section of the Black Hand in charge of the study of magical artefacts. They are led by a certain Master Rem (Rembrethar), whose whereabouts are unknown. Second-in-command is Uryste, who is rumored to be romantically involved with Rem. Other notable Diabolical wizards over the years include Valencius, Csilith, and Arathis.

A Diabolical artificer inside the Black Asylum.

The D.D.D. was an extremely active faction from their emergence in 434 to their failed infiltration campaign in 439. During their heyday, they were engaged in several parallel projects, some of them discovered by the citizens of the different towns of Oberin. One of them was the study of the individual parts that constituted the Royal Sceptre. Another was the making of the Ring of Life. References to a "Tree Project" were also found, but Lucien, the main researcher involved, was killed in the meanwhile.

On an intercepted letter, it was also revealed that they sought the mage Alastor, and that Valencius had been researching on how to control golems. They appeared to be successful with the golem experiments, as other Diabolical artificers were seen controlling golems inside one of their primary research facilities (nicknamed the Black Asylum). This facility was the site of experiments involving a Black Dragon Egg, and was destroyed in mid-438.

Necrosia was the first to hint that Rem's faction was growing in power inside the Black Hand, threatening to overthrown the hegemony of the Twins and the Alliance. The Twins responded to these threats during the Fall of Mirith in 438, when they allied themselves with Tirana and usurped the throne of the Royal City. The D.D.D. was opposed to this takeover, and some of their agents – particularly Arathis – helped the Mirithian Resistance in reclaiming their fallen city.

This uneasy and unofficial alliance lasted only as long as the Alliance was in Mirith, however. As soon as the city was liberated, the D.D.D. set into motion an insidious infiltration plot, spearheaded by Csilith and Arathis. When this plot was unraveled, the D.D.D. disappeared from the world stage, and none of their agents have been seen since. It is believed that the faction was already in a weakened state, with the Black Asylum having been destroyed the year before.