Detecting Hidden is the skill associated with revealing invisible characters/monsters/items. Successes are gained by successfully revealing something. All classes can use this skill, but only Rogues have no maximum level to which they can train this skill. Rangers are able to train this skill to Level 2. Currently, creatures do not hide, so Detecting Hidden is only useful against other player characters who are using their Hiding skill. Detecting Hidden does not work on Rogues who are stealthed.

Tips & TricksEdit

This skill can be very useful in combat on PvP Island, where Wizards will often hide so that they can't be seen, then appear out of nowhere and Paralyze, Fireball, Bolt or use other spells on another unsuspecting player. If one is fighting a Wizard that uses such a strategy, one good way to implement the Detecting Hidden skill is to use an Orb of Seeing to pinpoint the exact location of the hiding Wizard, reveal them and hopefully defeat them.