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are items that can be found across Oberin in many ways. Forager Ants and Sea Serpents drop them, and Trolls drop only Green Crystals. Crystals can also be found on the ground in the forests, and they can be obtained somewhat rarely through Mining. When Mining, one has a higher chance of mining a Black Crystal than mining any other type of crystal. Crystals can be bought from Crystal Shops, or from the Trader Inslo, who is located in Gohoran. However, Black, Yellow, Fire and Ice Crystals cannot be bought or sold in these shops. However, Inslo is the only trader who will buy and sell Yellow Crystals. There are Red Crystals in various chests in the Sewers as well as in Nystral's Tower.

They can be given in amounts of 50 at a time to a Temple Priest at Mirith, Andris, or Marali to receive a Pure Crystal of that color.

They can also be used by Wizards in enchanting to be combined with Etherite to make an Infused Crystal of that color.

Black, Yellow, Fire and Ice Crystals cannot be bought anywhere in Oberin, and are thus considered more rare than the other crystals. A crystal adds 1 point to your weight.


  • Red Crystal
  • Green Crystal
  • Purple Crystal
  • Blue Crystal
  • Orange Crystal
  • Black Crystal
  • Yellow Crystal
  • Fire Crystal
  • Ice Crystal
  • Zionidic Crystal (dropped sometimes by Phase Serpents, no known use)