The west coast of Crescent Island, with Andris to the west.

Crescent Island is a large sandy island that is inbetween the Lerilin and Andris continents. It is one of the largest of the smaller islands, along with the Poison Island near Marali. Crescent Island is home to Poison Beasts, Sand Spiders, Giant Ants, Air Elementals, Giant Scorpions and Wolves.

Crescent Island can be a popular destination for lone Wizards or Rogues seeking Spider Fangs or Acidic Glands. To get to the island, one can follow the path from the east gate of Andris. Once the path ends at the coast, the island is only a short distance to the east, across the ocean. One can also reach Crescent Island by travelling southwest of the Volcano.

The island has also been a popular destination for Brigands, Mercenaries and Privateers in the past.