Clarissa Morgans is the seniormost senator of Andris, and one of the most recognizable public figures in all of Oberin. Having received a top-notch Andrisian education, she is an acclaimed scholar of many fields, and she has also demonstrated the ability to cast spells from all three branches of magic. Her talents extend to the baking arena as well, and her famous gingerbread has delighted the denizens of Oberin for generations.

Senator Morgans after the Shadowed Orb conflict in 433.

She is currently missing in action, having last been seen running into the Void Realm amidst the Black Shadow atrocities of the year 441.

Lancaster Wars[]

One of Morgans's more notable adventures throughout the history Oberin was her role in the Lancaster Wars of 425-426. When Senator Waltham was assassinated during the Blue Moon Festival of 425, Morgans travelled to Mirith, believing that their Royal Guard Zexe was responsible.

Morgans came to formally submit the request that Zexe be brought to Andris for a fair trial, but on her return journey, she was captured by mercenaries. These mercenaries would turn out to be under the command of the traitorous Senator Lancaster, who was beginning to establish a dictatorship in the proud democratic city of Andris.

But Morgans was saved with the help of her pupil, the famed rogue Zara Falvo. Zara was also the one to find out that Lancaster was responsible for ordering the death of Morgans. Once freed from Lancaster's clutches, Morgans came to Mirith and was granted asylum along with fellow senior senator Anderson, who had also been assailed. The two senators would remain in the Royal City for some time, not to return to Andris until Lancaster had been defeated.

Recent Years[]

Many years later, Morgans would also make the acquaintance of Zara's daughter, the famed wizard Istra Falvo. Morgans bequeathed to the younger Falvo a gift from Zara: a key that would grant access to a book of Black Magic spells.

And most recently, during the Fighting Moon of Year 441, Morgans was seen scrambling out of the city, in the direction of the Andris rift. In those days, a mysterious Black Shadow of unknown origin was striking down many of the world's political leaders, and Andris had not yet been targeted. While not much is known yet about the incident, one piece of evidence remains: one of the senator's shoes, found abandoned on the beaches just outside the rift. And though many of her fellow senators would meet their gruesome demise at the hand of the Black Shadow, hope remains that Morgans yet lives, trapped somewhere deep within the Void Realm.