Cesca Andon is a Major from Marali and elder sister of the mercenary Jassen, whose life she protected by the time of the creation of the Mercenary Cave near the Wall of Trees. Thanks to her insistence, Marali tried to negotiate with Jassen before evicting him from the cave. However, she has not told Nyatha Vaup of her blood ties with the leader of the mercenaries, a detail that has not pleased the Commander, at the time.

Cesca Andon.png

Cesca has been known for having a dislike for harsh measures, such as the reputation that Marali has of torturing their enemies. On the other hand, she has been responsible for the killing and impalement of a brigand at the main gate of Marali, as a sign for the Black Hand to give up from their attacks to the city.

Cesca has three daughters, Kethra who strives to be a fighter, Lydia a learning wizard and Maeryn the ranger. Their father is unknown.

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