The Centaurs are an old and mysterious race of Oberin. Carriers of a great power sought by many for good and evil purposes, they are doomed to live hidden at what is known as the Centaurs' Cave; a place that they only open on very rare occasions.

The power of the Centaurs comes from their blood. When one of them dies by sacrificing himself, the blood has a healing power and can cure any wound. If the Centaur was murdered, though, his blood will have destructive effects of greatest strength.

The first recorded time where the Centaurs' blood was used is the creation of the Blood Dagger by the mage Aborek. That day, four Centaurs were murdered in the catacombs of Brogan's Keep.

The Alliance too has been involved in the murdering of a Centaur near Gohoran. The body was restituted to their kind, a gesture rewarded with five magical mining axes. It is perhaps from this murdering that vials of Centaur blood were collected, some of them still found now and then.

Around that time, Asliendor gathered a small group to visit Cecil at Brigobaen for a crash course in Centaurian language. With them was Elefin of Andris, by then sentimentally involved with the former Commander of the Mirith Vanguard. No one suspected that the wizard was part of the Black Hand, and even less that she was in the possession of the Blood Dagger.

Zexe at the Centaurs.jpeg

The revelation was going to be made shortly after, at the Centaurs' Cave: Zexe had been severely wounded, and Nafets escorted him to the Cave with the help of a large group from Mirith. Once there, Elefin revealed that she was the wife of the deceased Yadeth, and killed both Zexe and one of the Elder Centaurs, unleashing an uttermost destructive power and summoning a horde of elementals. Many Centaurs died that day, and the Blood Dagger became even more lethal than it was at the moment of its creation.

After the massacre, the few surviving Centaurs decided to seal the Cave for good and to break any contact with the human race. Perhaps with the exception of Cecil, known as the Guardian of the Centaurs, no one heard of them again for many years.

It was indeed under Cecil's request that the Centaurs accepted another expedition inside their cave. This time to seek for help with a spell that would locate and kill the traitor Tirana. After the successful outcome of that expedition (not without a long battle, of course), a new alliance between the Centaurs and Mirith was established. Soon after, Galandir sent his newborn son N'eroth to live in the Cave until his education was complete. On the other hand, Mirith would host Mernias, who resided in the castle until he was killed during blue moon 438 when the twins and Tirana took over the city.

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