Druids are part of the mage class, like wizards and cleric. Unlike wizards, their magic is primarily defensive and connected to nature. Their spells influence beasts and nature around them, giving them a feeling of safety inside the wild unknown to other classes. Like clerics, druids are able to craft potions. Their special class ability allows them to tame creatures according to their skill and control them with a number of commands.

Druid MageryEdit

Amongst the spells, that influence creatures around are Calm , Provocation and Opportunity . Calm and Provocation work as two sides of a medal. Whereas calm can stop hostiles creatures from attacking, provoke forces them to attack one another. Opportunity is a very helpful spell in hunts, that involve strong creatures such as Dragons or Golems. Targeting a person, that is attacked by a creature, with this spell, will force the creature to change its target.

Their close tie to nature allows them to Create Food out of magical flows of wild magic or give Night Vision to fellow travellers at night. They are also able to summon elementals to support them and their allies in fight with the spell Summon Creature and Greater Summon Creature . The stronger the elemental, the higher the skill required to summon it. Understanding the wild nature of magic, druids also have the special ability, to Teleport from one place in their sight to another, without touching the ground in between.

Druids have three spells to support their pet. First of all Heal Pet , which for a short duration of time heals the pet in small increments. By casting Invisibility , they can save their pet or themselves and friends from attacking enemies, with Summon Pet they can call it back to their side.. To support their pet in battle, or of course, if they are on their own (which is not often to be seen), they have recently learned the ability to change into different shapes and gain the strength of the creature they change to. According to ability, this Shapeshift can reach from Ants and Rats, via Rust Beast to creatures as strong as Bears, Lions and Dracos.

Druids often wondered, whether one day, they would find a skill, that would help them cure their pet's poison in battle, alas without success so far.


Druid Alchemy has turned some of their special magic talents into potions. Whereas Invisibility Potions and Night Vision Potions are much sought for on the market, the Opportunity Potion has turned out to be a failure. Even with the skill, most druids seem to be using the wrong recipe and ingredients to add any magical effect into that potion.


Their skill to tame other creatures is probably the most known skill of druids. For druids their pet is not only a battle aid, but a companion and often even a soul mate. They have their own ways of communicating and some druids even told, their empathy with their pet reached as far, as them feeling the pain their Companion did. The relationship between Pet and Druid is mutual and it grows as time proceeds. It is often believe, that the commands used by druids are necessary to give their pet directions, but some druids claim, they are just an audible support, and in situations of danger they would be able to communicate with their pet without words.

While only some creatures have shown to be tameable, there always have been druids, that tried to use their talents to tame creatures beyond their reach, such as the old druid Amililw. In one case a creature that until then was tameable, the Gaper, within a couple of weeks attained a wildness and was henceforth not tameable any more. Also Dracos have been much the center of attention of druids, that try to transcend their limits. So far not one of them is known to have discovered the secret.

It is rumoured that Blood Druids have the skill to tame dracos, alas, at what cost only remains to guess.


Druids have the following skills available:

Type Skills Max. Level
Primary Skills Alchemy/DruidMagery/DruidTaming no limit
Economic BlacksmithingCookingFishingLumberjackingMiningTailoringWoodcrafting
Other MeditationResisting Magic
HealingHiding 3
Detecting HiddenLockpicking 1

A Druids PerspectiveEdit

Druids have been long considered the 'black sheep' of the various classes within Oberin. This is probably because they don't fit into any specific role as easily as the other classes. That being said, this is probably the biggest strength of the Druid class - its versatility.

Druids can adapt to almost all circumstances, and when they reach the higher levels they can be extremely tough to kill - it is often said that a good Druid only dies when he chooses. Although this is obviously not true, the variety of skills that a Druid has at his disposal along with their relatively high health and the ability to maintain a good Armor Level can mean they are tough nuts to crack.

They are also considered a hard class to play well, but this shouldn't dissuade newcomers to the game from choosing a Druid as their class of choice. Players who have never played a Druid sometimes do not appreciate the extra complexity managing your pet can add, and those that have only know too well. A Druid must keep an eye on not only the general situation and themselves but also where their pet is. They have to know where their pet is (as it may not always be on screen), what it is fighting, how much health it has, whether or not it needs feeding (which will depend on the level of the creature being fought), what are the chances of your pet drawing the attention of other creatures and a whole lot more. This is one reason why some Druids prefer to solo, because it removes a level complexity in that they no longer have to worry about the status of others in the group and where help is needed most.

Because Druids are also considered to be the class most suited to solo-ing (along with perhaps Rangers), and although this is true it leads some players to assume Druids have no place in group hunts. It is no lie that Druids struggle in dungeon scenarious due to the lack of space and the relative uselessness of their Magery, not to mention the inability to tame creatures that can survive well in such scenarios (with the exception of the Tusker and high level Spiders, and perhaps one or two others at higher levels). That being said, most veteran players appreciate that having a Druid along in a Dungeon is no bad thing, as they possess the ability to turn the tide of the fight with a well timed Calm or Opportunity spell, as well as being a good choice for tidying up after the group. However, it is sometimes this use of Calm spells which can occasionaly cause more problems than they solve and has led to groups sometimes asking Druids not to participate in fear of this happening.

All in all, an experienced Druid can be a sight to behold when fighting, as their ability to manage their pets, fight in the fron line and keep an eye out on situations that develop and prevent these from escalating with their Magery can be immensely valuable.

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