Brogan's Keep was a military fort and city in the place now known as Aborek. It rose to prominence during the Third Era, at which point it was said to have greater military might than even Marali.

Third Era[edit | edit source]

The city’s most infamous leader, a mage called Aborek, built a portal deep beneath the fortress and used it to steal Marali’s piece of the Curio. Alarmed by the theft of such a powerful artifact, the rest of the city-states formed a coalition army and laid siege to Brogan’s Keep. They razed the entire city to the ground, creating the ruins that still exist today. Before being defeated, however, Aborek managed to use the Curio piece to forge one of the most destructive weapons of all time: the Blood Dagger. The Dagger would become lost within the ruins of Brogan’s Keep for centuries, only to be found during the Fourth Era by Elefin, the leader of the Black Hand.

Fourth Era[edit | edit source]

The ruins are now only visited by deranged wizards, brave adventurers, members of the Oberin Tours enterprise, or those seeking out the White Portal, which to this day remains functional, in the exact place that Aborek built it. But instead of conveying users to the secret vaults of Marali, the portal now allows anyone with a Silver Leaf to make a one-time visit to the legendary Silver Leaf Shop.

Separately, there has been at least one occasion in which a legion of Black Hand soldiers attempted to settle into the ruins, cheekily renaming it “Brigand’s Keep”.

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