Brigobaen is a huge temple to the southwest of Lerilin. You can turn in a Holy Dagger to Blinston in the East Library of Brigobaen for a Bracken Seed and 200 experience points.

The library underneath Brigobaen.

As the largest temple in Oberin it is a very common location for Oberin weddings. After multiple attacks from year 429-431 on the temple, arrangements were made to install guards at the entrance.

In the Lucky Moon of Year 439, the voluminous library beneath Brigobaen was opened to the public. One may turn in a Pestle and Mortar to Leihem inside this library to receive a Gray Robe of Protection and 500 Experience Points.

There are also two portals underneath Brigobaen. One can drop a Tiny Sea Shell on one of the portals to teleport to the land of the Mhara. However, not long after the portal was opened to the public, Arathis used it to attack the Mhara. In the aftermath, the priests of Brigobaen temporarily shut down the portal until a solution could be found. Dropping a Ginseng on the second portal will teleport you to the portal under the Mirith Castle.

Many players refer to the temple simply as "Brigo".

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