The Bone Lord poet.

Bone Lords are the most famous creation of the necromancer Marthonis, from the body of fallen powerful wizards. First models of Bone Lords, and the most common one, fulfil their creator's tasks without questioning. It is common that a Bone Lord of this type will not say much more than "Master wants knowledge; knowledge must be gained", and other things of the sort. However, there are two notable exceptions of Bone Lords developing what would be considered more "human" traits: Necrosia, who was convinced to accept an individual name; and a Bone Lord who is a talented poet and who has been seen helping adventurers fighting non-human foes in the woods of Mirith. From the latter, there is a collection of poems editted under under the title A Brazen Thing of Air, as well as a set of haiku composed for the poetry competition organised by Sumac for the only edition of theL.O.R.E. Festival.

All of them are competent users of Black Magic.

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