The Blue Moon Festival, often abbreviated to BMF, takes place anually in Andris during Full Blue Moon. It is the biggest regular Oberin event.

Gamblers, Auctioneers, Traders, a Foreteller and Adventurers from all over the Oberin world come to Andris during that time to enjoy festivities and planned events. The BMF is usually started with a big buffet by one of the Senators and ended with a big Auction of a rare Item and Race around the city, to determine the fastest runner of the lands.

Often times in history, the Blue Moon Festival has been a time of great tragedy as well. This includes the murdering of Senator Reynold Waltham and the resultant Lancaster Wars in 426. Then there was the return of Tirana during the festival of 438. And then Marali was conquered by Vandrovic in the middle of the 441 festival.

The following games have been played during the BMF: Sheep and Wolf Game , Sheep Hoarding Game, the Tower Game , High and Low , a Treasure Hunt across the continent where the sextant location of a certain item has to be brought to the gambler, a Dice Race, a Scavenger Hunt in which you have to bring back five items asked for by the gambler, played in a team of three, Maralian Roulette, a game that entertains everyone with deadly explosions, Snail Lotto, Oberin Trivia, and Dog Races. Sometimes, there is a Historical Play Competition as well.

Items sold at the BMF Auction
Year Item  Selling Price
434 Big Jack's Katana 7.5 Mill
435 Burning Plate Helmet 9.8 Mill
436 Jewelled Dagger 6 Mill
437 Blue Plate Breast 11 Mill
438 Ring of Life 11 Mill
439 Elemental Ring 13 Mill
441 Burning Plate Gauntlets 5 Mill
448 Replica of Big Jack's Katana
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