A Blink Hound with identification. (Picture taken and composed by Vulin. Pet supplied by Shawer)

The Blink Hound is a tameable, level 8 canine that resembles a small gray ghostlike dog. The Blink Hound likes to bite humans, but it is unusual because its fur resists magic so well. This hound is an annoyance to wizards, because it withstands spells so well; but plate classes can kill it comparatively easily. Blink Hounds have the strongest Resisting Magic skill of all sub-Level 10 creatures. They are immune to Fire Fields and will walk right through a door barricaded with the spell. They are also immune to Poison.

Known Loot: Gold, Blink Hound Fur

Spotted: Sometimes in the forest south/South East of Mirith, and occasionally in the forest West South West of Lerilin. They are relatively uncommon, and each drops only one Blink Hound Fur, so it will take time to gather the 50 of these furs for the Black Robe of Resistance quest at the Tailor Shop in Andris.

Blink Hound furs are used in by wizards to enchant a Ring of Discretion, Ring of Stealth, and Ring of Shadow.

Blink Hounds exist in other games, such as the blink dog of Angband. In some other games they can teleport themselves short distances; in Oberin they only resist magic instead of using magic.