Avesne is, together with Seth, one of the oldest wizards of Oberin. He belonged to the Sorcerer's Council before the Black Plague, and lived hidden in a cave in Duldrus for most of the modern era. Evers' uncle, he was sought by his niece and a group of adventurers, in 431, in order to help Seth recharging the Verma Stone.

At the cave, he built the first known Golem, who served as his only companion for his time underground. Avesne's Golem, unlike more recent creations of stone, ice, magma, or sand, was able to speak and to produce rudimentary answers when addressed by other people.

Avesne and his Golem at the cave in Duldrus.

At the Blue Moon Festival of 431, Avesne taught the wizards of Oberin how to extract etherite from ferrite and magic stones, a process that he discovered while researching on how to extract magic flows from solid objects. At the time, no one knew what etherite was. However, when the letters from the Twins were revealed, long before Avesne's demonstration, it was shown that they had Beleth extracting etherite for them. It is possible that they have learnt about it through independent research, or that they have somehow discovered Avesne's hideout and spied on him.

Avesne is still seen now and then. With an acute sense of fashion, no garment goes unnoticed to his eyes. He is known for his preference for red robes.

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