Asliendor Ivanshield is a ranger, and the first Commander of the Mirith Vanguard. He became a known adventurer by forming the group known as the Cemetery Watch, together with people like Willow Hauksen and Amalphus Vei, his best companions at the time. The Cemetery Watch was created in order to defeat the necromancer Nadirah, who was terrorising Lerilin's Cemetery. The group eventually became the embryo for the first Vanguard of Oberin.


Even though his main duties are with his troops in battle or drawing strategies at the castle, Asliendor has also found the time to learn some rudiments of the Centaurian language, with Cecil in Brigobaen.

Naturally, Asliendor was always very involved in the affairs concerning Mirith. At some point, he was also the partner of the wizard Elefin, unaware that from that relationship an enormous tragedy would ensue: with Asliendor's word that Elefin could be trusted, Nafets allowed the wizard to join an escort to take Zexe to the Centaur Cave. It turned out that she was the leader of the Black Hand, and in the possession of the Blood Dagger. That day, Elefin killed dozens of Centaurs. Following the massacre, the cave was sealed and Centaurs and humans were not in contact for many generations.

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