Araine was the daughter of Beleth and a servant at the castle of Mirith.

Young and confused, she unwittingly contributed for the incrimination of Zexe for the murdering of Senator Waltham in 425. She used to serve all the major figures in the court and to know their habits. Once, after watching Nafets talking to someone from Andris, she found it strange that the cleric was skipping his usual visit to Zexe in the evening. At the time, Zexe was recovering from an ambush from the Twins.

Traitor Tirana

She decided to go into Zexe's room, where she found the fighter asleep, and to pick up his laundry. While washing his clothes, she discovered that the badge of Mirith had been ripped off, only a section remaining. As it happens, in order to incriminate Zexe, the two clues left around Waltham's body by the real murderers had been a ripped badge, that matched the part Araine found, and a bit of grey cloth.

The girl, not knowing who to trust in Mirith, had certainly heard about the clues, and decided to write to Senator Lancaster about her discovery. Lancaster made the letter public, producing the final piece of evidence necessary to convince everyone of Mirith's guilt in the assassination of Waltham.

Araine was murdered by Tirana, who slit her throat at the entrance of the castle, in order to force Beleth to release Serene to Elefin and the Twins.

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