Andris Bridge

The gate building of the Andris Bridge.

The Andris Bridge is a wooden bridge that connects the Mirith continent to the Andris continent. It is very long; it is the largest bridge in all of Oberin. There are no creatures that reside on top of the bridge, but many Water Elementals, Sea Turtles, and Sea Serpents lurk in the waters nearby. At the north side of the bridge (on the Mirith side) is a small gate building. There is no building on the south end; the bridge fuses with the path.

Northeast of the gate building is a small structure known as the guardhouse. There are three Chests and a Forge inside the building. However, the door is locked and players may not enter.

The guardhouse was used by Tuck and Valaraukar during the war between Mirith and Andris as a supply depo. Andris lost control of the guardhouse after a larger battle on and surrounding the bridge. Tuck and Valaraukar managed to flee to Andris during the battle.

Andris Bridge Guardhouse

The guardhouse north of the gate building.

To get to the Andris Bridge from Mirith, one must exit town through the East Gate and take the southeast path at the crossroads. That path leads directly to the guardhouse. To get to the bridge from Andris, simply exit the West Gate and follow the path. Also, one can travel directly south of Mirith's East Gate and cut through the forests in order to reach the bridge.

The Andris Bridge is sometimes used as a way to get to Skull Island. If one travels due southwest of the bridge, they will run into the island eventually.