Adla Thera is a traveling healer from the Order of Brigobaen. She is very friendly and compassionate, and loves adventure, despite her dedications to the cloister. She has assisted many wandering adventurers in their journeys all throughout the lands, but only a few of her endeavors have been recorded.

One of these was the resurrection of the tortured rogue Neblin, and his transformation into Erich Kaestner. Then there was Adla's assistance with the liberation of Foehan from the clutches of Tirana's henchmen during the War of 438. Another was her protection of the rogue Tiatan during the Diabolical Infiltration. And yet another was her travels with the wizard Siegal, their encounters with the Dwarves, and her attempts to steer Siegal away from the dark arts.

Due to odd events during 450, most of which are still to clarify, Adla Thera seems to have lost her memory. She has, since married the Andrisian Senator Jan Varouf, and focused her energies working for the Miners' Nurses, an association of clerics devoted to support the hardest workers of Andris.