Aborek, to the South of Marali, is a lovely spot for a picnic with friends if your idea of a picnic is fighting for your character's life in a hostile environment.
The dungeon that lies beneath the ruins is beset by terrible ghostly screams said to be those of the mage who lent his name to the place (or, according to the historically inspired fantasies of the tourist agency Oberin Tours, the screams of Aborek's pupils who failed their exams). Inside, over multiple floors, one can enjoy the company of a panoply of charming creatures; descending to the final level will bring you the attention of a large swarm of Red Draco, beyond which lies the White Portal. A portal which (unlike most) can only get you to two places: back to Marali, with a purple pure, or to the Silver Leaf Shop, by dropping a Silver Leaf.

Unlike the citadel, that only inherits his name, the portal was built by Aborek in order to reach the vaults of Marali, so that he could get hold of the city's piece of the Curio, with which he was to create the infamous Blood Dagger. During his life, however, the place was known as Brogan's Keep.

The best place to for a fishing break, after reaching the sixth level of Aborek.

Many years later, the Hauksen family was hired to use the portal once again to infiltrate the vaults, under the promise of obtaining a number of unnamed treasures. They were stopped by Zara Falvo, who stabbed Willow Hauksen in the incident, buying time for the guards of Marali to react, and forcing the mercenary family to flee.

The sandy island to the south of Aborek, known as the main Poison Island. Further SE is PvP Island or the Black Island.

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