ABD: Ancient Black Dragon

Abo: Aborek

ADD: Another Dragon is here 

AE: Air Elemental

AFD: Ancient Forest Dragon

AFK: Away from keyboard 

AID: Ancient Ice Dragon

AG: Acidic Gland

Agi: Agility

Alch: Alchemy 

Anat: Anatomy

AR: Armor Rating 

ARD: Ancient Red Dragon 

Arch: Archery 

AV: Andris Vanguard 


Bab: I am testing to see if I am babble cursed (alternatively 'test' or 't'.)

Bird: Harpie

BH: Blink Hound 

Black Land: PvP Island

BM: Bone Mage

BMF: Blue Moon Festival

BoP: Bottle of Poison

Bolt: Lightning Bolt (alternatively a bolt, a quest item)

Brak: Bracken

Brig: Brigand

Brigo: Brigobaen

BS: Backstab or Blacksmithing 


Cem: Cemetery

Cle: Cleric

Clear: Every monster in the specified area is dead 

Co: Draco

CoP: Club of Power

CS - Challenging Strike


DDD: Dragon, or the Division of Diabolical Devices of the Black Hand (the latter usually with full stops as 'D.D.D.')

Deci: Decimate

DH: Detecting Hidden

DHA: Dwarven Hand Axe

Diso: Disorient or I am disoriented so you can't cast spells on me (except when using field spells such as Mass Heal)

Drink: An order to drink a potion (generally of the healing variety), as the cleric may be out of Mana or generally unavailable to heal

Dru: Druid

DS: Dragon Scale

DT: Dragon Tooth

Dura: Durability


E: East 

EE: Electric Eel or Earth Elemental 

EM: Elevate Mind 


FB: Fireball 

FD: Forest Dragon 

FDP: Full Detoxify Potion 

FE: Fire Elemental 

FF: Fire Field 

FG: Frost Giant 

FHP: Full Heal Potion 

Fig: Fighter 

Forge: I'm going to the forge 

FS: Frost Spider 


G: Giant or Gaper 

Gap: Gaper 

GDP: Greater Detoxify Potion

GDS: Greater Defensive Stance

GH: Guild Hall 

GHP: Greater Heal Potion 

Gin: Ginseng 

GM: Grandmaster or Game Master

GMPK: Grandmaster Poison Katana

Goo: Gooey 

GoP: Glaive of Power 

GP: Gold Piece 

GPR: Greater Protection Ring 

Green harpie: Forest Dragon 

GS: Giant Spider or Giant Snake or Giant Scorpion 


H: Human 

HD: Holy Dagger 

Heal!: Help, Cleric, Help! 

HG: Hill Giant 

HH: Hell Hound 

Hot coco: Red Draco 


Iced coco: Ice Draco 

ID: Ice Dungeon 

IDK: I don't know 

IG: Ice Golem 

Iggy: Ice Golem 

Inv: Invisibility or a command instructing someone to hide or drink an invisibility potion 

IS: Instant Strike


Junk: Only low-level creatures have been lured


Kat: Katana 


Lag Monster: A term referring to the often-fatal effects of in-game lag, usually used in the context of a player explaining how they were killed. Example: "Can someone come resurrect me? I got killed by the Lag Monster again."

LB: Lightning Bolt 

LBoP: Longbow of Power 

LDS: Lesser Defensive Stance

Leri: Lerilin 

Liz: Lizard Man 

LHP: Lesser Heal Potion 

LJ: Lumberjacking 

LMR: Lesser Mana Ring 

LP: Lock Pick 

LPR: Lesser Protection Ring 

LS: Lava Spider 

LV: Lerilin Vanguard 

LVG: Lerilin Vanguard 


MA: Magic Arrow 

MaV: Marali Vanguard 

Medi: I need to Meditate

Merc: Mercenary

MG: Magma Golem 

Miri: Mirith 

MPR: Medium Protection Ring 

MR: MariRanger Dungeon or Magic Reflection 

MV: Mirith Vanguard 


N: North 

NE: Northeast 

NPC: Non-Player Character 

NV: Night Vision 

NW: Northwest 


OOC: Out of character

Orange Dragon: Harpie

Orb: Orb of Seeing 

Out: Hurry up and get out of the dungeon before the creatures respawn!


Pants!: Put some pants on! (and a reference to the infamous Cult of Wong)

Para: Paralyze(d) 

PCR: Pure Crystal Ring 

PE: Poison Elemental 

PG: Poison Gland 

PI: Poison Island 

Phase: a Phase Serpent

Plate: Fighter/Rogue/Ranger 

Pop: Respawn 

Pot: Potion 

PPS: Monsters will soon respawn (stands for "pop probably soon", coined by Kookai)

Priv: Privateer

Provo: Provocation spell 

Provoke: Provocation spell 

Pure: Pure Crystal 

PVP: Player Versus Player or PvP Island


Qchar: Quest Character (Gamemaster Controlled NPC) 


RA: Reflective Armor 

RB: Rust Beast 

Regs: Reagents 

Reps: Repairing Armor 

Res or Ress: Resurrect  

RM: Resisting Magic 

Robe: Wizard/Cleric/Druid 

Rog: Rogue 

RoBS: Ring of Brute Strength 

RoGH: Ring of Greater Heal 

RoLB: Ring of Lightning Bolt 

RoLH: Ring of Lesser Heal 

RoP: Robe of Protection 

RoR: Robe of Resistance 

RoRC: Ring of Remove Curse 

RP: Roleplaying 

RT: Remove Trap 

RTQ: Real Time Quest 


S: South 

SaG: Sand Golem 

SBoP: Shortbow of Power 

SE: Southeast 

SG: Stone Golem 

Shops: I'm going to go to the shops around town 

Skel/ Skele / Skellie: Skeleton 

Skull: Skull Island Dungeon (also, a skull

SMF: Small Moon Fragment 

SoP: Stave, Sickle or Spear of Power

SoS: Stave, Sickle or Spear of Speed

Spec: Special (/Fighter, /Ranger, /Rogue

Spi: Spider 

SS: Sea Serpent or Sand Spider 

Stam: I need to untarget in order to regain Stamina 

Stinker: Zombie 

Str: Strength 

Stuff: Low level creatures 

SW: Southwest 


Tank: Standing in Melee to take damage or the person who does so, ideally with Greater Defensive Stance 

Tele: Teleport 

TM: Tree Maze 

Toilet: I need to use the bathroom, be right back 

ToS: Terms of Service 

Tree: Bracken 

TU: Turn Undead 


VA: Volcanic Ash 

Volc: Volcano 


W: West 

Wallet: Lizard Man 

Water: An instruction for all players to move to water, which in this case represents safety from a dangerous situation unfolding on the shore.

WC: Woodcrafting 

WE: Water Elemental 

WHoP: War Hammer of Power 

Wipe: Everyone died/is dead 

Wiz: Wizard 


X Dust - Explosive Dust 


Z: Zombie 

Zoo: signifies a large and varied collection of creatures being brought back on a lure


[Color]: Ranger speak for a certain type of creature appearing on tracking i.e. Blue means Giant or Bracken 

(RL): (Real life) 

[Number]: Number of creatures a person has lured 

[X]oD: [Weapon] of Durability 

[X]oP: [Weapon] of Power 

[X]oS: [Weapon] of Speed 

(+[X]): Another [X] monsters came to join, usually said with dragons