The following is a detailed chronology of the year 449, which succeeded 448 and preceded 450.

Waking MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
27 An Andrisian business magnate named Lance Waltham passes by a pair of adventurers outside the cemetery of Mirith. He asks for their help in taking care of some of his sheep - as it turns out he owns a prominent business called Waltham's World of Wool. They agree to help, and spend the evening protecting one of his nearby flocks from hordes of deadly forest creatures. At the end of it all, they are paid a hundred gold pieces, and are relieved of their duty by a passionate young stablehand by the name of Dodd, who gets paid fifty pieces of gold for a twelve hour shift. Lance Waltham


Waltham's World of Wool

News Flash, Page 3 (3rd post)

114 Nyatha Bark slips her leash, leading adventurers on a merry chase. The terrier leads them to a buried chest just outside the Ant Hill, before returning safely to her owner Geofric. Geofric and Marigold are also now expecting their fourth child. Nyatha Bark


The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 1
161 A gang of brigands is spotted close to Lerilin. Hunters slay the brigands and destroy their camp, finding a silver long sword and a longbow of speed - a pairing of items which has been seen many times recently in the camps of Black Hand druid Fyod. N/A The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 1
233-234 A fishing vessel crashes on the beaches east of Lerilin. Thea fish scatters all over the shore, attracting an army of hungry snails. News Flash, Page 3 (3rd post)

The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 2

Growing MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
9-10 One of JJ's forts is discovered dangerously close to Lerilin. It would appear that the Black Hand villain was delivering Hell Mages and Magma Golems to an unknown co-conspirator. Jalux And the Earth Burns

The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 2

43 A druid is beset by a group of brigands in the woods of Lerilin. She gathers some assistance, and the group then finds a large group of pixies, and later on, one of the large flocks of Waltham's World of Wool. But then, one of the hunters – a wizard – mass poisons all the sheep in a bloodthirsty rage. They die in moments. N/A Pixie Picnic // Sheep Slaughter

The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 2

48 An Andris Scout tells of Lance Waltham and of his family connections to Senator Helda Grantham. According to the scout, Lance is furious about the Lerilin sheep massacre. He has begun to put pressure on the Senate to help him find out who was responsible. Further, the massacre was found by Lance's wife, Anthea Waltham, who also found arrows and traces of poison on the corpses. Via poster, Waltham's World of Wool announces a manhunt for the killer. The poster is put in all the major cities – except for Marali. Andris Scout Murderer Wanted!

News Flash, Page 3 (4th post)

The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 2

~50? Brigands, pixies, and ants attack some Maralians outside the Marali Vanguard hall. At the brigands' nearby camp, there was a note saying, "Find out if the V still has the book. Be discreet." The book in question might be Commander Kang's Diary, or the Book of the Dead. N/A A disastrous trip down memory lane.
~60? Evaristos of Brigobaen writes to Senator Helda Grantham on the subject of the ongoing Dawn of the Disciples. He also writes of suspicious activity in the "old haven" - now commonly known as the Hell Mage Laboratory that lies underneath the volcano. He implores Grantham to enlist an independent agent to investigate the depths of the volcano, and find out more about what evil machinations are occurring within. Evaristos closes his letter on the subject of Lance Waltham and the suffering of that family, and how it would be best to prevent another brutal event in their "disgraceful" line - referring to the infamous assassination of Senator Reynold Waltham at the inaugural Blue Moon Festival of Year 425.

Sometime afterwards, Evaristos converses with an adventuring cleric on the subject of the Black Hand druid Fyod, the chocolatier Lushe Satel, and the latter's perilous flight from Gohoran to Andris during the year 448.

Evaristos A private letter
~79 Armsman Nial of Marali writes to Commander McTyr, informing him that he accidentally let slip to Mirithian Captain Farn Rigg about the recent reappearance of King N'eroth in the southern archipelago. McTyr excuses the accident. Evroulf McTyr

Farn Rigg


A Desperate Letter to McTyr
~80 Rumors reach the hall of the Mirith Vanguard that King N'eroth was spotted in the southern archipelago. Later, Lady Cassandra of Mirith writes to Captain Rigg, informing him of the subsequent expedition to locate the king. The search party had found an empty bottle of rum and a collection of sea shells, but ultimately no other trace of the long absent king.

Later, Rigg instructs the scout Jennus to visit Marali and find out what they know about the king's recent movements. Rigg then embarks on a long journey of his own, from the Atoll to the Poison Island to the same southern archipelago, but he too finds no trace.

Farn Rigg All things red, even herrings

News Flash, Page 3 (4th post)

113 Another one of JJ's forts is discovered on Crescent Island. Like the others before it, it appeared to serve as a transportation hub, delivering Hell Mages and Magma Golems to a mysterious partner. This particular fort contains a note: "Tell F. it's all I can send for now." (Most likely Fyod). Jalux Crescent Island on fire.

News Flash, Page 3 (4th post)

~135 Small camp of brigands not far from Marali portal. N/A News Flash, Page 1 (6th post)
~140 A small camp of brigands is found to the northeast of the Marali portal. They were accompanied by a gaper. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (4th post)
140 A wizard attempts to learn Black Magic at the cemetery of Andris, but is unable to control the forces he wants to unleash. N/A The Real Meaning of Enlightenment...
141 Word arrives in Marali of trouble at the Wall of Trees. A party gathers to investigate, and find a number of bracken spread out on the southeastern side, alongside some brigands. They were guarding a cage of four hell hound pups, one of whom was injured. A number of hidden traps were discovered at the campsite as well. Hoping to free the pups without aggravating them, the party devises a plan: the rogue Laricen picks the lock of the cage, while the druid Shivani calms the animals, allowing the humans to walk away peacefully.

Later, Commander McTyr and his hell hound, Kang, come to the campsite to look for any possible clues. McTyr finds the injured hound, and takes him back to Marali for healing. He eventually names the hound "Emma", after his late aunt, Major Emma McTyr. Realizing that the incident was a sign of black market activity, he has a report sent over to Andris.

N/A Life can be ruff in Marali... (Letter to McTyr)
141 Adventurers reach the fabled Mharan Waterway to search for signs of King N'eroth, but return empty-handed. N/A News Flash, Page 1 (7th post)
~150 The druid Clare, the primary witness of the most recent sheep massacre in Lerilin (see Day 43), decides to write to Lance Waltham and inform him of the identity of the notorious Sheep Slayer. Lance Waltham Information on the Murderer of Lerilin
163 Armsman Nial of Marali writes to his superiors a recording of a diplomatic meeting beneath Mirith, including Mirith Scout Jennus, Mirith Captain Farn Rigg, and Marali Commander Evroulf McTyr. They discussed numerous topics, such as the recent exploits of Istra Falvo. At the meeting's end, Captain Rigg asks Nial to investigate rumors of a haunting song around the docks of Welif. Nial does so, and his mission takes him to Lizard Island, where he finds strands of blue-green hair – tell-tale signs of the Mhara. However, it seems that whoever was there, had vacated the area several weeks prior. Jennus

Farn Rigg

Evroulf McTyr

Letter on the Meeting Beneath Mirith
175 Captain Octar of Marali reports to Commander McTyr about a recent Maralian expedition to Lerilin, the purpose of which was to investigate the recent ant/pixie attacks, and to seek out the Myrmecologist Society of Lerilin. Though they do not succeed in that regard, they do encounter a mysterious smoke-wreathed lady called "Cara Catriona". The lady appeared to be collecting rat tails at the docks. She also croaked like a frog, in the style of Istra Falvo. The lot of them moved to the village pub, where Cara revealed that she was carrying the very Crown of Mirith, thus revealing her true identity, before teleporting off with Black Magic.

The delegation then traveled to Brigobaen, where they met with Evaristos, and returned to him a book that McTyr had previously borrowed. There, they learn that one of JJ's Hell Mage stations has just been spotted outside the volcano. They seek it out and destroy it. Inside the fort was a note requesting certain items that appeared to be ingredients needed for the production of Hell Mages, namely shattered skulls.

Later, McTyr writes back, speculating on the ant troubles. He also describes the growing demand for hell hound fur among the upper classes of Andris, and mentions that the borrowed book was a guide that was instrumental in healing his injured hound, Emma.

Evroulf McTyr

Cara Catriona (Istra Falvo in disguise)



Crowns, hounds and shattered skulls.

The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 3

176 Armsman Nial of Marali decides to experiment with the famous, yet poorly understood elixirs of Istra Falvo, and thus drinks one of the Elixirs of Zimm. Nial then offers to give one of them to the Hidden Vale, a group which has already been researching that same elixir, but Captain Octar decides against it. However, one of the Vale's agents manages to observe Nial's behavior while the Armsman is under the elixir's influence, and records the astonishing effects, including Nial's splashing about maniacally in the Bleeding River in full military garb. N/A Istra Falvo and the Elixir of Zimm

Trouble on the Peak

~180 Another pair of coded letters are exchanged between Armsman Nial and Commander McTyr, regarding the events of Day 175. His letter reveals that it was during that meeting with Istra Falvo that he acquired the elixirs with which he experimented on Day 176. He also provides the most descriptive accounts yet of these elixirs, referring to them cryptically as 'pies', and asking McTyr directly about giving one of them to the Hidden Vale (to which McTyr suggests inviting the Vale to come to Marali and run the tests in coordination). Evroulf McTyr A Letter of Pies, Keepers, Frogs, Gamblers, and a Hound
~183? Royal Guard Amere and Lady Cassandra meet with Captain Rigg in Mirith. After discussing the failed expedition in the south from earlier in the moon, Rigg tells them some news: the crown of Mirith has been returned to the city. According to Rigg, he was sitting at his desk, when all of a sudden there was a big cloud of smoke and a loud croaking noise – Istra Falvo. She returned the crown, and Rigg stuck it in the Royal Vault. The interlocutors are then joined by Lady Sophina, who had delivered Rigg's message in a bottle to the king in late 448.

The group then decides to go to Lerilin and seek out a map to the Mhara inside the archived files of the late Mayor Palmer. On the way, they are ambushed by a Troll Chief and his force, but emerge victorious. Later, they run into Katabasos, but the encounter is largely uneventful. Finally they reach Lerilin, and after asking around, come to the docks to meet Mr. Ellis Fawr, the new bank manager of the village. Initially suspicious about their motives, Fawr ultimately agrees to take them to the archive. However, he finds it to be empty except for a torn scrap of paper. It says: "I will bring it back. -X." The befuddled bank manager says that his predecessor might know more: a bookish woman who he suspects has already found some faraway place to retire.

Without any other leads, the delegation decides to head home via the Brigobaen portalways. Whilst there, they ask one of the clerics about the former bank manager, and about their quest to find a map of the underwater areas. The cleric mentions that one of the sisters of the temple, Xyremita, was always interested in such maps, as she was researching Mharan language and culture. Unfortunately, Xyremita has been absent from the temple for a great many moons, traveling the lands with little to no contact. Finally, on the subject of the former bank manager: the cleric reveals that her name is Jallia. There doesn't appear to be any other leads in that direction, though, so the company parts ways.

Farn Rigg


Ellis Fawr

There and back again - The Mirith Vanguard's adventure to Lerilin and Brigobaen

Many Go Fishing All Their Lives Without Knowing It Is Not Fish They're After

The Mirith Vanguard Logs, Page 1 (1st - 4th posts)

The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 3

~185 Father Evaristos of Brigobaen writes to Jedd of the Hidden Vale, asking for help in restoring a collection of old manuscripts that he thinks might prove useful in investigations of the recent Hell Mage problems. Despite some diplomatic misgivings owing to the Vale's alliance with the Knights of Silver (a rival order of Brigobaen), Jedd accepts and moves to Brigobaen for an extended stay. Evaristos A letter from Brigobaen
188 One of Lance Waltham's sheep enclosures is found in the meadows just north of Mirith - surrounded by forest dracos and bracken. It is unclear if the dracos were placed as guards, if the Sheep Slayer was involved, or if the dracos were just hungry. N/A News Flash, Page 1 (8th post)
~190 A map of the Mharan Waterway is drawn. It somehow makes its way into the next issue of the Lerilin Breeze. N/A News Flash, Page 1 (9th post)

The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 2

200 The necromancer Katabasos comes to the Mirith cemetery, and discusses with delimew the "viability of using undead as well as the philosophy of what it means to wield power and serve someone." Katabasos News Flash, Page 3 (4th post)
~205 Another wizard, emulating the original Sheep Slayer, decides to slaughter a flock of Lance Waltham, this one around Andris. Around the same time, Clare the druid comes to Andris to inform Lance Waltham of the murderer's identity, but instead runs into Senator Grantham. Helda Grantham Sheep continue to be murdered..
~212 Clare meets not Lance, but Anthea Waltham, and reveals that the wizard Kwoo was the Sheep Slayer of Lerilin, and that the wizard Malthaen was the Sheep Slayer of Andris. Clare turns down the reward, clarifying that she only wanted those responsible to be held accountable for their actions. Anthea could not promise that the culprits wouldn't be harmed, but she did promise to try and talk to her husband Lance.

Around the same time, a small band of brigands are spotted near the port. Anthea comes to help, demonstrating that she was once an adventuring cleric long ago.

Anthea Waltham Sheep continue to be murdered..
217 The stewed remains of a sheep is found by the Andris docks. (Remnants of Day 212). N/A News Flash, Page 3 (5th post)
224 Zombies, Bone Mages, Hill Giants, and Stone Golems are found in the northern corner of the Rock Maze. The golems were angry, as they had been ripped from their homes by a "master" dressed in purple (Katabasos?) . A note is found: "Stay. Mine Rocks. Bring Rocks. Recruit. (Are those words little enough?)" N/A News Flash, Page 3 (5th post)

Bleeding MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~22 A strange arrangement of moon fragments is found at Medius Island, giving rise to a large amount of red-toned creatures. Most concerning, however, is the rain of blood that fell from the sky. N/A Red Rain

News Flash, Page 3 (5th post)

~25 The Mirith Vanguard comes to Lizard Island in their ongoing search for Xyremita. They find her camp, and the following, unordered notes: "Gathered 3237 coal in an attempt to filter water. Think I need much more. -X. Water showing abnormal concentrations of etherite. Related to phase? 7 phase serpents sighted in just two days. Lizard shaman was unhelpful. Lab book: noticed unusual number of phase serpents. Paused to investigate. Coal doesn't seem to be enough. Need something to enhance it. (scratched through) Magic stones. Too similar to the contamination. Crystal?" N/A The Mystery Surrounding Xyremita Continues
~40? Outside Gohoran, adventurers encounter a number of nonnative red-toned creatures. Nearby, they discover four Small Moon Fragments arranged in peculiar formations, surrounded by withered Gohoran oaks covered in soot, and evenly spaced with a bonfire in between each cluster, underneath a blood red sky.

Later, more of the same occurs in the hills of Mirith, yet with greater intensity. Further observation reveals that the volcanic creatures were emerging from the portal roughly every 30 minutes - until the fragments were picked up, that is. The sky clears up with the disrupting of the portal.

N/A Red Lit Path to Gohoran
~50 Kwoo the Sheep Slayer has a nightmare. A sheep named Bah tells him that he must seek repentance. He tells of Lance Waltham, and how the business magnate was mistreating the sheep. As the dream fades, Bah exhorts Kwoo to free the remaining sheep under Waltham's possession. Bah The Tales of a Sheep Killer
~55 Kwoo comes to Andris, and meets Senator Varouf. The senator realizes that Kwoo is the Sheep Slayer, just before Senator Grantham arrives. Kwoo announces his identity to Grantham, and she immediately demands that he pay his debts to Lance Waltham. Kwoo agrees, on the condition that the city of Andris look into Waltham's business practices. Jan Varouf

Helda Grantham

The Tales of a Sheep Killer (2nd and 3rd posts)
~65 Still on the lam, Kwoo disguises himself as a filthy beggar and leaves Andris for Marali. Whilst crossing the Andris Bridge, he encounters his pursuer, Lance Waltham. The ruse works, and Kwoo escapes unharmed. Lance Waltham The Tales of a Sheep Killer (4th post)
106 Pirates encountered on the road east of Duldrus. One of them, Ginger, was looking to find her captain, to no avail. Ginger News Flash, Page 1 (10th post)
~130 Rumors of strange men loitering at the cemetery of Marali brings adventurers to investigate. They follow several footprints into the Crypt, where they find brigand corpses among the spawns of the Full Bleeding Moon. They press on to the Marali Catacombs, where they find a lich, and a makeshift camp of sorts, containing a large cauldron, a silver glaive, a ring of remove curse, a club of speed, a journal and a few other items. More liches are found, and wraiths as well. The journal eventually makes its way to the hall of Citrinitas Aegis. There, it is discovered that the journal contains extremely detailed info about the city's guards: their names, their relatives' names, their schedules, their posts, and their length of service. N/A Life and Death Underneath Marali.

Bleeding Moon in Marali (1st post)

News Flash, Page 3 (5th post)

~150 The Lerilin Breeze publishes an interview with the controversial figure, Lance Waltham. Lance Waltham The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 3
177 One of Lance Waltham's stable boys, Dodd, talks about his job taking care of the sheep. Dodd News Flash, Page 3 (5th post)
213 Anthea and Lance Waltham come to the Andris cemetery to ask a pair of hunters for their services. The Walthams explain that there is a new fashion amongst the youth - that they like to wear the clothes of zombies, and hang out in cemeteries singing depressing tunes. For that reason, the Walthams hope to gather some brown shirts. They also inform Anthea that Armsman Nial of Marali is hoping to speak with her, on the matter of pixies. This seems to greatly upset Lance. Anthea Waltham

Lance Waltham

The Tales of a Sheep Killer (5th post)
224 Another coded letter from Armsman Nial to Commander McTyr, this one detailing the latest incident in Marali's ongoing Ant Crisis. The ants and pixies had set up camp behind the hall of Citrinitas Aegis, tunneled through the rocks, and under the walls of the city. The breach was secured with the help of some barrels donated by a nearby shopkeeper. The city's defenders then move to the source of the problem. One of them, the wizard Ryen, is struck down by a Queen Ant. Swearing revenge, he proceeds to dump mass quantities of poison all over the area. Some time later, McTyr writes to Captain Octar, asking the Vanguard to clean up the poison. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (5th post)

Dispersing a Picnic

Bleeding Moon in Marali (2nd and 3rd posts)

Red MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
12 Following the instructions of Armsman Nial, a guard of Marali named Henrt intercepts correspondence between the Brigobaen sister Adla Thera and the former Marali healer, Mother Mei. The letters reveal Adla Thera's desire to one day leave Brigobaen to become a healer in the north, just as Mother Mei once did herself. Though there is nothing outright suspicious in the letters, Nial believes something unusual is going on between the lines, and instructs Henrt to keep on monitoring the healers. Henrt

Altaira Mei

Adla Thera

12 Commander McTyr receives a letter from Mother Mei - something which hasn't happened in over two decades. She writes to inform him that she has sent Adla Thera from Brigobaen to see the north, and hopefully assist the Vanguard. Mother Mei also laments not being able to return to the city, given traumatic memories from the past. Evroulf McTyr

Altaira Mei

A private letter to Evroulf McTyr
~15? Loabe Myrmidon III, of the Myrmecologist Society of Lerilin, writes to the Editor-in-chief of the Lerilin Breeze, Sulovir Soryn the First. The myrmecologists are enraged at the terms used by the Breeze in their coverage of the ongoing Ant Crisis in Marali, and demand a retraction. The Breeze responds with an apology, and an invitation for the Myrmecologist Society to write an editorial to be featured in the next issue. Sulovir Soryn the First

Loabe Myrmidon III

A note to The Lerilin Breeze
67 Following the discovery of the journal detailing the comings and goings of the Marali guardforce, Captain Octar organizes another expedition into the crypt, in hopes of finding more about the mysterious spies. The expedition reaches all the way to the Lerilin Atoll, without finding a trace. The Captain suspects that the ongoing inclement weather may have washed away any clues. N/A Bleeding Moon in Marali (3rd post)
~90 A delegation from the Marali Vanguard travels to Lerilin to seek out the Myrmecologist Society of Lerilin, in hopes of putting a stop to the ongoing controversy embroiling the two organizations. The Maralians are unable to find the myrmecologists, however. N/A Searching for Myrmecologists: Ant Cave Exploration
~150 The Lerilin Breeze features a dual opinion section, presenting the contrasting viewpoints of both sides in the Ant Crisis: the Myrmecology Society of Lerilin, versus the City of Marali. Sulovir Soryn the First

Bealo Myrmidon IV

The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 4

Harvest MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
119 Katabasos formally introduces himself to the wizard Fuoco. He attempts to ask her help in reaching Lushe Satel, who is still being sheltered by Andris against the legions of the Black Hand. Having no success there, they move to the topic of the absent Senator Morgans. Katabasos is intrigued by Morgans's gingerbread, and asks Fuoco if he could have one, as he has not been successful in acquiring Big Jack's Katana from the Red City.

He goes on to explain his theory: that an object intimately connected with a person retains some of their spirit, and that with the correct incantation, one might be able to conjure that spirit. Fuoco resists, even after Katabasos claims that his method could bring Morgans back from the Void in which she is thought to be trapped. When that avenue fails, Katabasos then tries to see if he could endear himself to Andris by offering his powers in defense against the Hell Mages of Jalux – all in the hopes of acquiring the Katana or some of the renowned gingerbread. Katabasos then attempts to teach Fuoco some Black Magic, but she refuses.

Katabasos Harvesting Strange Acquaintances
~130 An unknown number of Maralian miners are found dead outside the city. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (5th post)
~132 Hunters in the Rock Maze encounter and kill a giant chief. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (5th post)
~150 Three Maralian miners are found dead on the job, in the very same spot where a supercolony of ants had attempted to build a palace in the recent past (see Bleeding Moon Day 224). Further investigation reveals a tragic truth - they were the victims of the masses of poison that were dumped in the area. N/A The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 5

Dancing MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
85 Brigands spotted and defeated west of Marali. Some of them wore black plate. Their shelters contained a number of rum cakes. N/A To the Desk of L.
~139 The Mirith Scout Jennus reports that a group of forest trolls are heading towards the Tree Maze for their annual Burning Golem Festival. Jennus News Flash, Page 3 (6th post)
140 Citizens investigate the reports, and find that the forest trolls' frenzied dancing has disturbed the forest, awakening a number of forest dragons. Nearby, they discover a rudimental fort that appears to serve as a dancing hall. Outside, there are more brackens and dragons. Inside, there is a troll shaman, and of course the infamous Magma Golem. Troll Shaman News Flash, Page 3 (6th post)
~150 The Lerilin Breeze runs a piece on the Recession of 443, as well as the vacant mayorship of Lerilin, describing three potential candidates that they think will most likely be the next mayor: Mr. Ellis Fawr, Mr. Geofric, and Marigold. The Breeze also describes a closed-door nominating committee which selected a citizen to lead a formation and discernment process into building a library in Lerilin, Ms. Delana Estielle. Ellis Fawr



The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 6
224 A band of adventurers goes to Skull Island and finds the privateer Ginger underneath. She asks the party to collect 50 Bat Wings for a soup, and drop them off at the nearby fortress known commonly as the Dojo, where they would find a recompense. They do so, but on their way to the Dojo they encounter a band of privateers, led by a particularly formidable captain. Ginger

Pirate Captain

News Flash, Page 3 (7th post)

Lucky MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~10 Not far from Mirith, a lone druid encounters the legendary wizard, Seth the Timeless (or perhaps just his astral projection, a talent which the wizard is known to have mastered). Seeing the druid's Spirit Animal, Seth expresses wonder at the spell used to conjure it, and in particular how it could be performed without the use of the notorious Black Magic gates. Seth News Flash, Page 3 (7th post)

The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 7

~58 A hunting group finds Katabasos deep inside the Hell Mage Laboratory. The necromancer wants their help in retrieving an old, white-covered tome from the library within. The group finds the book, but it is surrounded by runes that bar all movement. Nearby the runes is a note mocking Katabasos, calling him and his attempts to recover the book idiotic. Unable to proceed, the group turns toward the forge, where they do battle with a Black Hand Artificer, who appeared to be creating something out of ingots, diamonds, and a shattered crystal skull (perhaps Hell Mages).

The group defeats the Artificer, takes the skull, and uses it to weaken the runes at the library. As they approach the book, it blackens and shrivels, revealing its true form: the Book of the Dead (or more likely, a copy - as Marthonis almost certainly hasn't lost the original). The group decides to spurn Katabasos, and they give the tome to Brigobaen for safekeeping.


Venerable Cleric

Mirith Scout

News Flash, Page 3 (7th post)

Book of the Dead

~130 A pair of hunters runs into the Lucky Fairy on Crescent Island. When she asks the hunters what their wish is, one of them accidentally says "room to breathe". Always a clever one, the Fairy bequeathes them an Elixir of Zimm and departs. Lucky Fairy News Flash, Page 3 (7th post)

The Lerilin Breeze, Vol. 11 No. 7

~190 Rosina writes to Father Vei on the subject of Katabasos. She tells of how the necromancer had attempted to acquire the original Big Jack's Katana from the Senate of Andris. He even offered to bring Senator Morgans back from life (or the void?) if she complied. Katabasos also hinted at being an enemy of the Black Hand, and mentioned Fyod, Denreth, and Jalux. He also tried to initiate Rosina into the arts of Black Magic, but she refused. Katabasos News Flash, Page 3 (7th post)

Blue MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~60 Undead uprising in the cemetery of Mirith. Inside the Crypt, the usual wraith and bone mages are joined by a phase serpent and a couple of black dracos. A party suppresses the aberrations, and then goes to the Andris cemetery to see if there is any more trouble. They find Katabasos at the entrance, and declined his offer to help against the uprising they find, which includes a dozen bone mages and even a few hell mages. Katabasos had hoped that the party would put in a good word on his behalf with the Senate during the Blue Moon Festival.

The same party then goes to the Marali cemetery, where there are several bracken. In the back, above the crypt, they find a skeleton archer and two liches, guarding a chest. Inside the chest: weapons of speed, durability, and grandmaster silver, as well as a Ring of Shadow and an Essence of Speed.

Katabasos News Flash, Page 3 (8th post)
~100 A group traveling to Andris for the Blue Moon Festival is ambushed by a large group of forest trolls. They were carrying a large stash of perfume. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (8th post)
~136 Under the full moon, a group of hunters roams the northern coast of Andris. In the territory inhabited by giants, they find a small stash of unsecured containers, inside of which is a black robe of protection. Later, just to the southwest of the city walls, they find a group of brigands. Along the nearby rocks, they find two chests along with signs of recent digging. It is unknown if the chests were recently unearthed, or if they were to be buried. Inside, they find a light blue robe of resistance, a Medium Protection Ring, and an Essence of Power. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (8th post)
~137 Captain Octar of Marali writes to Commander McTyr, to inform him of events involving the ongoing Blue Moon Festival. Octar and Armsman Nial had discovered a band of scantily clad female privateers at the Children of the Sun's island. The privateers had been given instructions to trade the goods inside their chest for "pipety-pipes", by an entity named "I" (likely Istra Falvo). Not wishing to upset Istra, the pair of Maralians lure a local nest of sea serpents to the area, and encourge them to devour the privateers' bodies, thus eliminating any evidence. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (8th post)
160 A Foreteller comes to Andris, telling that some traders have reported a disturbance to the north of Port Gast. The intrepid festival-goers journey there by sea, and find the town to be overrun with bears and brigands. Following a clue found at their camp, the party makes their way to Mirith, and then to the Tree Maze, where they find a number of restless dragons. Inside the maze, they encounter a great number of brigands, pixies, phase serpents, dragons, sand golems, and a lich. Somewhere inside, they find a Petrified Gaper Eye. Foreteller News Flash, Page 3 (8th post)
177 On an island near Andris Bridge, a summoner calls forth a deluge of phase serpents, black dracos, and gapers. He draws on the power of Small Moon Fragments arranged in a hexagon, which seemed to give him access to the Void Realm, but he loses control of the ritual and falls to the serpents. Afterwards, wandering Brigobaen cleric Xyremita arrives, claiming that she had been tracking the summoner for almost a year. Further, she claims that the phase serpents cause some sort of magical pollution, which has made a number of the Mhara quite ill, including Princess Nifi. Xyremita was tasked with finding a cure, because this Princess is now betrothed to King N'eroth. For that same reason, N'eroth must also remain under the surface to complete some noble deed for the entire Mharan people. Xyremita News of N'eroth

News Flash, Page 2 (1st post)

~190 Erich Kaestner hears the news about the Petrified Gaper Eye, an item which has deep ties to his past life under the name Neblin. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (9th post)

Fighting MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~85 Traces of phase serpents are discovered around the forsaken Black Island. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (9th post)
~153 Erich Kaestner writes to Rosina about the Petrified Gaper Eye, warning of its danger, and exhorting her to destroy it. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (9th post)
~157 Rosina replies, saying that the arcane object was given to someone else during the splitting of loot, but that she is unsure of who it was. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (9th post)
180 A disturbance is reported in the Marali Catacombs: wraiths and liches. A light smell of poison fills the air. On top of this, many of the guards have vacated their posts, and appear to have descended further into the subterranean cave network – and Commander McTyr has gone with them. Further, it appears there were signs of a struggle: a torn piece of McTyr's robe, and a corpse of one of his hell hounds. (Much later, it is revealed that the hell hound was only made to look dead, courtesy of the magic of Istra Falvo). N/A Misery Beneath Marali

News Flash, Page 3 (9th post)

192 Heavy brigand activity on Lizard Island. The bandits were seeking a little statue, which was later found in the southeast lair of the fort. N/A Misery Beneath Marali (4th post)
193-195 Adventurers investigating the disappearance of Commander McTyr sail to Turtle Island, where they find a note affixed to a bracken, reading "Meet you at the atoll". There, the group finds a small abandoned campsite on the central island. Three different sets of tracks appear on the sand, two belonging to average adults, and the third belonging to someone with very small feet. There also appeared to be the trail of something heavy being dragged into the tent. Further up the slopes of the volcano, there were marks of two feet that did not match any of the other tracks. The next day, the fighter Jedd returns and finds a Skeleton Key amidst the fog and sand. N/A Misery Beneath Marali

News Flash, Page 3 (9th post)

~200 A commissioned young artist sends a sketch of the Black Isle to Citrinitas Aegis. It would appear that the island has been overrun by a great number of foul beasts. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (9th post)
~205 A party descends into the ruins of Aborek, and finds a shelter that appears to have been occupied for quite some time. No other clues are discovered as to the inhabitant's identity. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (9th post)
207 In Marali, a note is posted outside the bank: "The Special Advisor requests to meet the Vanguard. He has urgent orders from the Commander regarding the fort. Please, report when back to town." This is extremely suspicious, given that the Advisor – Estess Vorund – disappeared from Marali ten years ago, after turning traitor and murdering Major Sule Tesdor in cold blood. Estess Vorund Misery Beneath Marali (5th post)
220 A small band of hunters is ambushed by a massive horde of pixies at the entrance of the Andris Cave. They miraculously survive, thanks to the intervention of the visiting Brigobaen cleric Adla Thera. She claims that it is her first time outside the temple, which raises some unanswered questions and concerns, considering that she took part in numerous daring adventures in the late 430s. It is suspected that she has experienced a significant amount of memory loss.

Elsewhere, in the underground apothecary of the Hidden Vale, a cleric conducts research on one of the original Elixirs of Zimm produced by Istra Falvo.

Adla Thera Trouble on the Peak

News Flash, Page 3 (10th post)

~223 Special Advisor Estess Vorund has made himself Acting Commander in the absence of McTyr. He too displays signs of extreme amnesia. For one: he is furious about the absence of the vanguard, and refers to Captain Octar as Armsman Octar, believing that the long-retired ranger Fang is still Captain in Marali. Estess Vorund News Flash, Page 3 (10th post)
~228 A large number of brigands takes control of the Lerilin portal. Many of them wear black plate, and they are supported by gaper firepower. They are soon defeated. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (10th post)
~229 Another sketch of the Black Isle arrives at the hall of Citrinitas Aegis, detailing the number and manner of creatures that roam within. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (10th post)
230 Commotion in Marali. With McTyr on the run, Octar missing, and Estess Vorund claiming to be Acting Commander, Nial assumes the mantle of Acting Captain. In the Captain's office, Nial meets with the fighter Jedd, who gives Nial the Skeleton Key he found on the beaches of the Atoll. N/A Misery Beneath Marali (7th post)

Sleeping MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~5 Estess Vorund encounters a miner outside the city. Vorund's amnesia appears to be worse than it first appeared: he believes it is still the Year 436 (a good three years before he betrayed Marali and murdered Major Sule Tesdor). Estess Vorund Misery Beneath Marali (8th post)
25 Acting Commander Estess Vorund of Marali puts up a notice. It reads: "All citizens and allied guilds: join our troops taking down the mage Rivolus. He is a threat to all. Marali Prevails!". This raises a number of eyebrows, as Rivolus was defeated over thirteen years ago. Estess Vorund News Flash, Page 4 (1st post)
~30 Adla Thera writes a letter to Mother Mei, describing her recent adventures outside the temple. She writes of how she was sent to Mirith by Senator Jan Varouf in order to train new healers like she did with the Andris Miners' Nurses, and how she chanced upon Estess Vorund whilst there. She also writes about plans for the upcoming Dawn of the Disciples, and her hopes of involving the Brigobaen cleric (and former Diabolical) Misty. Adla Thera

Altaira Mei

Estess Vorund


A letter is delivered to Brigobaen
~30 Estess Vorund writes to Mother Rees, reporting of his attempts to gather support from the other cities in defeating the long-dead mage Rivolus. He believes that Mirith is joking when they say that King Galandir has been dead for over ten years, and he doesn't get far in Lerilin either, when learning about Marigold, who has now become Mayoress. He did manage to secure a promise from Andris, and specifically Senator Varouf, to send troops during the full moon to help with the imagined invasion. Estess Vorund

Terwynn Rees

Estess Vorund reports back to Marali
33 A mysterious campsite is discovered in the foothills of the Hidden Peak. Two guards silently protect the camp (later revealed to be among the forces of Marali Commander Evroulf McTyr). N/A Trouble on the Peak

News Flash, Page 2 (2nd post)

~34 One of McTyr's scouts delivers a forged report to Estess Vorund, describing Marali's successful expedition to the third fort of Rivolus (a battle which took place all the way back in Year 436). It seems that McTyr and his forces may be plotting something to trap the treacherous Vorund. Evroulf McTyr News Flash, Page 4 (1st post)
~35 Estess Vorund writes to the long-absent Senator Morgans, describing what he believes to be Marali's victory against Rivolus. Estess Vorund A message to Senator Morgans
45 A brigand wedding on Medius Island is interrupted, with all the participants killed, and the wedding rings stolen. A flock of pixies is also attracted to the scene. N/A News Flash, Page 2 (3rd post)
~50 Adla Thera writes to Mother Mei with the surprise news that she has married Senator Varouf. She also writes about a homeless woman-like child who sits on the steps of the tavern in Andris. The woman screams at Adla, claiming that she knows her, and shouting something about a beach of smoke. Adla Thera

Altaira Mei

Another letter to Mother Mei
50 A delivery of miscellaneous crates and packages arrives at the Ferrite Lounge. Three of them bear an unusual tag: from the Gellansha to Miss Falvo. N/A News Flash, Page 2 (4th post)
~55 An adventuring wizard in the Spider Cave is ambushed by mercenaries. Their instructions: "Trap the wizard and bring me his head. - JJ" (a signature that is commonly attributed to Jalux). Years later, it would be discovered that the production of hell mages, liches, and wraiths – an art for which Jalux is famous – requires the heads of skilled mages. Jalux News Flash, Page 4 (1st post)
~91 Acting Commander Estess Vorund leaves a message in Marali: "To the MaV and allied guilds: E Vorund travelled to meet Senate & the King. Please, be prepared for further instructions. Against the Black Mage Rivolus, Marali Prevails!". Concerned Marali citizens then investigate the fort, and discover a smell of smoke coming from the basement. At the back of the captain's office, they find the charred remains of a book, disfigured beyond recognition, but still smoldering. Estess Vorund News Flash, Page 4 (1st post)
~92 Erich Kaestner writes of his time as Neblin the Eye cultist and Twins supporter, and of his gruesome imprisonment in Marali. N/A News Flash, Page 4 (1st post)
~116 A great number of purple-robed Marali guards are seen amassing outside the southern gates. Their purpose is unknown. N/A News Flash, Page 4 (1st post)
117 Commander Evroulf McTyr and his soldiers are still on the run from some unknown threat. McTyr and his men seek assistance from the famed forest witch and former Maralian, Istra Falvo. Falvo leads them to the hall of the Hidden Vale, where they take refuge while she begins to cook up a plan to defeat Vorund. Istra Falvo News Flash, Page 2 (5th post)
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