The following is a detailed chronology of the year 448, which succeeded 447 and preceded 449.

Waking MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~54 A burnt journal is found at the ruins of the old Nether Hall. N/A News Flash! (1st post)
~78 An Old Gypsy summons volcano creatures to the ant cave. Old Gypsy News Flash! (1st post)

Growing MoonEdit

Bleeding MoonEdit

Red MoonEdit

Harvest MoonEdit

Dancing MoonEdit

Lucky MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
1 A battalion of trolls attacks a group of adventurers near the Mirith cemetery. N/A News Flash! (1st post)

Blue MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~38 Elarison, the brother of Evaristos, informs adventurers of his brother's plan to take druids into the volcano to further study a new discovery in druid magery: the Spirit Animal. Elarison The Spirit Animal

News Flash! (1st post)

~56 An Ice Golem and a Frost Giant attack a group of hunters in the Rock Maze. N/A News Flash! (1st post)
~60 A gang of brigands is found in a makeshift fort near Gohoran, led by a thug and a green-robed mage. They all wear the mark of the Black Hand, which hasn't been active ever since the end of the Diabolical Infiltration in 439. They seem to have an interest in spirit animals. The thug and the mage are killed, and the fort is cleared. Inside is a chest (contents unreported) and a note reading, "Find that Lushe Satel. -Fyod" Brigand Thug

Brigand Mage

Black Hand Activity in Gohoran
69 Skeletons attack a pair of adventurers at the crossroads between Mirith and its portal. Further investigation reveals an unmarked grave in the rocks to the northeast, guarded by more skeletons, a bone mage, and a skeleton archer. The archer carried a Short Bow of Power, and the mage guarded a Silver Glaive. The adventurers destroy the grave, and inform Vilohin. Vilohin News Flash! (1st post)
~76 Evroulf McTyr, who was at some point appointed Commander of Marali to replace the late Nyatha Vaup, announces that he will be restoring the traditional hierarchy of the city by selecting a second Commander to lead the city with him. Captains Octar and Charonia are involved in the decision-making process somehow. Evroulf McTyr News Flash! (1st post)
~77 The Black Hand druid Fyod is spotted at the Mirith crossroads with two gapers in tow. He claims to be looking for a thief in red, with a Gohoran accent and a lot of chocolate (this is later revealed to be Lushe Satel). Fyod News Flash! (1st post)
~78 A heavily-guarded Black Hand hideout is spotted in one of the Bear Dens. N/A News Flash! (1st post)
82 An entire adventuring troupe is slaughtered by the Black Hand forces inside the Bear Den. The adventurers also reported meeting a drunken stranger that offered assistance and asked for more rum. Stranger News Flash! (1st post)
~88 Another fort full of brigands and gapers is found just outside Port Gast. A note is found inside, reading "All eyes on him, he is coming -F" (presumably Fyod). There is also a chest containing a Rusty Sextant, which eventually comes into the possession of the Marali Vanguard. Just south of the brigand fort, a small abandoned campsite is discovered. N/A News Flash! (1st post)
~89 Another fort with brigands, gapers, and bracken is found near Andris Bridge. Adventurers that come to clear the cave are assisted by a gray wolf and a snarky pixie. Another note from Fyod is found, saying that the "thief" (Lushe Satel) hadn't gone far. The adventurers find another abandoned campsite nearby. N/A News Flash! (1st post)
~95? Lushe Satel is found (in Andris?). He wishes to speak to the senators and beg their protection from the Black Hand druid, Fyod. He says he is a chocolatier, and that he made some trade with a penniless child who had some papers and a ring. Lushe traded some of his chocolate for those items, and then sold the papers to Father Evaristos of Brigobaen. The papers turned out to be the new Spirit Animal spell. Lushe kept the ring (the type of the ring is currently unreported).

Lushe then takes a bed in the lower levels of the Andris castle, but not before imploring Shadran Mathas to go inform the senators of his arrival. Lushe also asks that his family name be left out at first. Shadran then goes to Brigobaen, and finds Evaristos with the help of Father Johah. Evaristos reveals that the spell had been devised by Denreth of the Black Hand, but Brigobaen sent copies of the papers to every town and city so that any druid could learn it.

Lushe Satel



News Flash! (3rd post)
~99 Yet another brigand fort is cleared, this one to the east of the Andris cemetery. A note found inside reads, "The Master is furious! Are you blind or what? - F". (Editor's note: The Master is likely Denreth.) N/A News Flash! (1st post)
~104 Another brigand fort cleared near the Pixie Cave. Note reads, "Do I have to go to Andris? - D". (Editor's note: Denreth?) N/A News Flash! (1st post)
110 Elections in Andris are beginning. Uberh is canvassing to be elected. He wants to "Make Andris Great Again", and has plans to build a big stone wall around the portal. Uberh News Flash! (2nd post)
~130 Hunters at the Andris cemetery help an old hag travel to Lerilin, as she has business with Salinia, who trades in skulls. The hag rewards her helpers with Full Mana Potions. Old Hag News Flash! (2nd post)
137 Two large forces of Black Hand brigands and gapers attack Andris from both gates, and take control of the portal. During the battle, Fyod speaks to one of the fallen, instructing them to carry a message to the senators: "If Andris shelters the Satel thief, Denreth's revenge will be dire." Then, Fyod speaks to one of his underlings about some unknown wizard. They then make plans to lure Lushe out of the city – they realize that they can probably just walk inside, as the Blue Moon Festival is underway.

The invasion is repelled, and some dragon scales are found in a chest. Senator Grantham rewards the city's defenders, and announces the upcoming elections. There are two candidates: a miner named Jan Varouf, and Uberh. Grantham also hints that the city has Lushe under their protection, and that they are interrogating him.



Just Before the Dawn

News Flash! (2nd post)

~140 Varouf's worker-centric campaign continues. He creates his campaign symbol with the assistance of Rosina: a mining axe placed against a lotus flower. Jan Varouf Daybreak follows a long sleepless night

Elections in Andris (2nd post)

~186 A force of mercenaries is spotted outside of Aborek. N/A News Flash! (2nd post)
187-188 Commander Evroulf McTyr and the Marali Vanguard evict the mercenaries from their Aborek camp. McTyr duels and kills the mercenary's captain, who was wielding a poisoned grandmaster's glaive. No other clues regarding their identity or mission are found. Evroulf McTyr The Cold of Marali (1st post)
~197 A group of mercenaries take over the Mercenary Cave, but it turns out they were just there to divert attention from Andris. A note in the cave reads, "You will be well paid. Keep Marali occupied, they must not help Andris." Adventurers hasten to Andris and stop brigands from building a fort. There, another note is found, reading, "Prepare a fort here. Time your attack for the end of the moon." The brigands seemed to be extremely loyal, with one of their number choosing to drink poison instead of talking. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, rumors begin to spread that King N'eroth has returned to Mirith. Armsman Nial reports all of these events in a letter to Commander McTyr. N/A The Cold of Marali (2nd post)

News Flash! (2nd post)

222 Uberh continues his campaigning. He claims that accusations about him constantly cheating on his wife are "fake news". He also criticizes "crooked Grantham". Uberh Canvassing Uber
~233 Hayate is attacked by about thirty privateers outside Mirith, some of them female. He suspects that it may involve the replica of Big Jack's Katana that he purchased at the recent Grand Auction of the Blue Moon Festival. N/A News Flash! (2nd post)
248 A camp of brigands are taken down near the Red Battalion. Afterwards, a Mirith Scout appears and begins to mention a rumor regarding King N'eroth, but he cuts himself short before revealing anything. The adventurers are then ambushed by privateers, who had a hefty supply cache, and who had constructed a makeshift bridge over the straits. It is possible that they were working with the brigands. The news is reported the guardsmen of Andris. Mirith Scout Elections in Andris (3rd post)

News Flash! (2nd post)

Fighting MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~15 Commander McTyr responds to Armsman Nial's letter, concerned about the ongoing resurgence of the Black Hand. Evroulf McTyr The Cold of Marali (3rd post)
19 A Mirith Scout comes to the city and warns of joint brigand-privateer activity in Andris territory. The scout tells of how a few substantial Black Hand shipments of weapons and supplies had been seen heading to the south in recent days. Another small camp of brigands is found near the Red City. Mirith Scout News Flash! (4th post)
~22 Grantham puts out notices all over Andris, thanking the adventurers who had disrupted the Black Hand supply chains over the previous moon and thus prevented the planned attack on the city. She also announces that residents of the city may vote in the elections under the full Fighting Moon. Some shopkeepers and merchants begin shouting "Make Andris Great Again!", while others put up the symbol of the mining axe and lotus leaf. Helda Grantham Elections in Andris (1st post)
~23 A member of Citrinitas Aegis intercepts some documents being sent from Andris to the Captain of the Marali Guard. The documents are in some sort of code that involves fish numbers per moon, like "Harvest: Trout 93, Eels 22". This continues for several pages. Helda Grantham News Flash! (4th post)
~42 An adventurer is ambushed by a lone brigand on the road from Duldrus to Mirith. N/A News Flash! (4th post)
~43 Festival at the Black Roses. A trader sets up a tent, and offers fishing supplies which no one is interested in. He then demonstrates a game that he had been planning for the Blue Moon Festival (before getting turned down by the city). The game involved picking between three different drinks: one ale, one poison, and one experimental potion that was meant to help find treasures. The potion faulty and exploded, and the trader admits that he'd lost the recipe to a band of brigands blocking the road near Foehan. The partygoers move to Foehan and find it completely overrun by a large force of brigands. They are led by a mage claiming to have sovereignty over the land. The mage and the brigands are all killed, and the torn-up remains of the recipe are returned to the trader. Trader

Brigand Mage

The World in Chaos

News Flash! (4th post)

~54 Brigand encampment found on the northern Marali coastline, accompanied by giants and trolls. Three small moon fragments were found inside. N/A News Flash! (4th post)
56-58 Brigand encampment found near Red Battalion – they had angered a local flock of pixies. An unknown black magician with black robes and a purple hat then meets the group, seeking a lot of information about the Andris elections and the chocolate-making thief (Lushe Satel). The group withholds any sensitive information on the whole affair, but they agree to deliver the wizard's message to the Senate, asking for information on the thief, and in particular what was stolen. He instructs them to leave a note for him at the house of the cannibal. The group goes to deliver the message to Grantham, but are waylaid by bone mages summoned by the wizard – one of them wears a gray robe.

In Andris, Grantham asks that the group leave the wizard a note saying only that the thief is a chocolatier and a Satel, but nothing about the stolen items. The deed is done, and a small thicket of bracket is found just outside the cannibal's house. They were guarding a chest containing 17 Infused Pure Blue Crystals, 5 Pure Crystal Rings, and various other magical items. Meanwhile, a stranger leaves a note at the bank of Andris, reading, "Lemons and bones, there's more.. Red, the whole town. Warm the feast."

The Wizard and the Senator

News Flash! (4th post)

66 Brigands attack a traveler on the island of the Children of the Sun. N/A News Flash! (4th post)
~69 Fifteen more brigands are slain, probably the same ones spotted at the Children of the Sun. N/A News Flash! (5th post)
~81 Brigands found on the path leading up to the Hidden Peak, on the Duldrus side. N/A News Flash! (5th post)
~94 A skeleton archer and a bone mage appear in the Andris cemetery, guarding a magical gray robe and other magical weapons. N/A News Flash! (5th post)
~120 Senator Grantham sends a letter to the Hidden Vale, informing the fighter Jedd that the Senate has determined he is to be accorded the rights of Andris citizen, including the right to vote. Helda Grantham Elections in Andris (4th post)
125-126 Bunny warns a group of hunters that strange occurrences involving dragons, lightning, and weapons clanking have been reported by the Tree Maze. Many bracken, rust beasts, and stone golems are found in the area, along with the corpse of a brigand. They are guarding a chest containing etherite, ice and fire crystals, and various magical rings. In the center of the maze there are 8 more dragons, and inside the MR, many shelters have been put up, effectively sectioning off the dungeon into various rooms.

A few notes are found, reading, "Nothing down there but liches and death. We should forget this job and go", and "That idiot Bratham fell over a dragon egg and broke it. RETREAT!!!!!", and "This is all trash. I told you to find me a copy of the Book of Sky! - A." The next day, Captain Octar of the Marali Vanguard expressed interest in examining the Book of Sky in the possession of Citrinitas Aegis.

Bunny Of Brigands and Dragons

News Flash! (5th post)

~135 A band of privateers plots their next mission in secret. Ginger And The Ship Sails On
139 Privateers are found at Medius Island. On the island is a chest containing various enchanting items, grains of red sand, and Marali Whiskey. There is also a note saying, "Bring these to the Gellansha". Adventurers hoping to investigate further go to the old Mhara cave, which had been reopened at some unknown date (after being closed in 439), but nothing is found. N/A News Flash! (5th post)
175 Katabasos locates Hayate in the Mirith sewers and asks to see Big Jack's Katana. Hayate brings out the sword, and Katabasos inspects it, but realizes it is the replica sold at the Grand Auction of the Blue Moon Festival, and not the original one held by the Witch Doctor. Katabasos asks where he might be able to find the original, to no avail. Katabasos News Flash, Page 2 (9th post)
~180 Jan Varouf emerges the victor of the Elections of 448. He rejects Grantham's suggestion to throw him a welcoming reception. He did agree to join his fellow senators on a trip in the following moon, to meet and greet the population and learn about the most pressing matters facing the community, both inside and outside the walls. Jan Varouf

Helda Grantham

Elections in Andris (5th post)
~190 The Black Magician Katabasos is spotted in the forests northeast of Mirith. Armsman Nial of Marali reports the encounter to the Mirith guards, before reporting back to Marali Commander McTyr. Nial suggests that they send a half-squadron of scouts to keep an eye on the Mirith continent, given the absence of their king. Not wishing to offend the royalists, McTyr instead sends a few undercover scouts. Evroulf McTyr


Mirith and Black Magicians

199 Lady Sophina of Mirith meets with Captain Farn Rigg. Rigg tells of his past as a member of N'eroth's old pirate crew, of how the future king was always enamored with the Mhara, and of how N'eroth and Istra Falvo used to have friendly arguments all night long on such erudite subjects as historical linguistics. He also explains the origin of his nickname, 'Blue Rigg'. Sophina then informs him of her recent expedition into the Mharan Waterway, and of her search for the Gellansha (see Fighting Moon Day 139). Rigg seems to remember something upon hearing about the Gellansha, but he can't put his finger on it. Finally, Blue Rigg gives Sophina a message in a bottle, asking her to leave it beside the oceanic-themed pillars which lie deep within the waterway. The message: "To his Majesty King N'eroth: Where are you?" Farn Rigg Blue Rigg's Letter

News Flash, Page 2 (10th post)

224 Armsman Nial of Marali sends a letter to the myrmecologists of Lerilin, detailing an infestation of ants and pixies that had just occurred outside the northern city. Nial explains that lethal force must be used in such cases, but that Marali would be willing to aid the myrmecologists in relocating any queen ants in the future. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (1st post)
~228 Boale Myrmidon II of the Myrmecologist Society of Lerilin writes a scathing response to Nial, decrying Marali's treatment of the ants, and listing various explanations for what the ants might have been doing there. Boale expresses the myrmecologists' willingness to help build a facility dedicated to researching the ants in Marali, provided that the exterminations cease. Further, Boale suspects that the infestations may be the beginnings of a supercolony, and thus demands that the city provide lodging, cookies, robes of resistance, and bubble baths to their team of four specialists. Boale Myrmidon II

Maralian Antics (1st post)

Sleeping MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
42 The alchemist of Marali, Gemma, converses with a patron while waiting for a shipment to arrive. She mentions that she has a cousin who works for the "brother of a Major" (most likely the mercenary leader Jassen Andon, AKA Captain Jass, exiled brother of the missing Major Cesca Andon). Gemma also mentions that her cousin is hoping to leave the mercenary life behind, move to Duldrus, and become a fisherman. Gemma The Eyes of the Vale
44 Adventurers from Mirith travel to the Mercenary Cave, hoping to peruse the library and perhaps find out more about Gemma's cousin. Instead, they find an infestation of ants just outside the cave. They exterminate the ants, only to find the storied cave to be under occupation by a hostile force of mercenaries, and thus they turn back. N/A The Eyes of the Vale
64 A sizable force from Mirith evicts the remaining mercenaries from the Mercenary Cave. In addition to mercenaries, there were also the brigands, giants, and trolls of the Alliance, guarding a number of spirit animals gliding around the library. Four crates are found in the western wing, containing a bow of speed, silver longsword, a few dozen bracken seeds, 100 explosive dusts, and 33 pixie dusts. There are also a number of notes revealing that the band of mercenaries had been tasked by Denreth with searching for a ring and Lushe Satel, as well as advancing on Andris. N/A The Spirit Animals' Playpen

The Eyes of the Vale

News Flash, Page 3 (1st post)

76 Pixies, rats, and lizard men are found in the territory between the old Rift and the hall of the A.R.R. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (1st post)
77 Yet another ant infestation is found and exterminated, to the northeast of the Mercenary Cave. Marali declines to inform the Myrmecologist Society of the events. N/A Maralian Antics (3rd post)
104 Istra Falvo and Ginger, both wearing badges that say "The Gellansha", are spotted by patrons of the Ferrite Lounge. Istra was wearing the royal crown of Mirith, which she claims to have taken off of "pirate boy's head" while he slept. Ginger, however, claims that Istra was "supposed to look after it". They leave before much more can be ascertained. Afterwards, the publican Klevin reveals that the pair of pirates had come in several days earlier to purchase a sizable supply of mead and the aromatic floral milk that is endemic to the Duldrus region. They had also mentioned something about Skull Island. Istra Falvo


The Eyes of the Vale

Maralian Antics (3rd post)

~180 Commander McTyr writes to Armsman Nial about the ant problem, as well as the encounter with Istra. For the first, he argues that Marali might benefit from the knowledge of the myrmecologists, and that it might be worthwhile to provide some cages for a research mission. Failing that, he recommends looking for some sort of specific poison to control the expansion. As for Istra, he can only speculate. Finally, McTyr leaves Nial with a directive: if he wishes to find out more about the role of the pixies in these ant infestations, Nial should seek out a lifelong researcher of pixiekind. Her name: Anthea Waltham, of Andris. Evroulf McTyr Maralian Antics (4th post)
~184 Another ant infestation outside Marali, this one perhaps the biggest yet. N/A News Flash, Page 3 (2nd post)
~190 Nial writes to McTyr about the ant infestations, and in particular who to contact in the event that poison is the desired solution. He also agrees to seek out Anthea Waltham. Evroulf McTyr Maralian Antics (5th post)
212 Katabasos pays a visit to the Andris cemetery, asking about "old news". Katabasos News Flash, Page 3 (2nd post)
225 Captain Farn Rigg of Mirith converses with Elpiis at the bank. They speak of the sea, of Rigg's past with N'eroth and Istra Falvo, and of the latest attempts to find them. Farn Rigg News Flash, Page 3 (2nd post)

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