The following is a detailed chronology on the events of the year 441, which succeeded 440 and preceded 442.

Waking MoonEdit


Growing MoonEdit


Bleeding MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
170 A troll named Clepto steals a magic bottomless bottle of alcohol from some brigands. Clepto


Brigands. (4th post)
206 A voodoo troll warns about brigands disrupting the balance of nature. Voodoo Troll Voodoo Troll
230 A mysterious, small rift appears in the forest near Marali Lake, and another one beside the road back to Marali. At the site of this second rift, adventurers find some infused black crystals, black ferrite, and a crate marked 'ARDENT', all inside what appears to be the remains of an ARDENT laboratory. Inside the crate is a journal which is taken to Brigobaen, several papers containing arcane notes, and drawings of a fortress surrounded by a world of darkness and some eerily familiar creatures. N/A A Most Mysterious Return (6th post)

Red MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
12 Three more small rifts surface on the beaches of Lerilin. Adventurers find some scattered parchments, one with a headline reading, "Lord Edgard, Bringer of Light". They also find a sign for a "Spellfire Armoury", with "Conscription in full effect." Also scattered about the site are pure black crystals that appear to have been cut with extraordinary precision. The scenery around them temporarily disintegrates, and one of them catches sight of a portal with four spires surrounded by darkness. They go to Brigobaen and find this entry in the previously recovered journal: "Windows of the future, shadows of the past / when the great threshold is crossed the veil will fall / but fear not, for the ardent flames shall be a bastion against the darkness // always keep a candle lit, to ward off the darkness / always mix potions clockwise". N/A A Most Mysterious Return (9th post)
31 Giant Bat invasion at Lerilin cemetery. N/A Flap flap flap, go the wings of dreams
47 Another small rift appears in the waters of Hermit Lake. Adventurers enter and find themselves in a cave filled with mushrooms and a nevia flower, signposted "Field Number Three". Continuing to explore, they find Field Number Two, which contains some crates lying about – one of which is light enough to be taken by the party. Further ahead there is a barrier protecting some building marked as East Bastion. From inside, a Knight of the Order of Fire approaches the barrier to speak to the trespassers, telling them that he is a servant of Lord Edgard IV. He says that the barrier is installed to keep out the Void Beasts, and he goes to request for reinforcements to detain the intruders, but they escape through another rift leading to Hermit lake. Knight A Most Mysterious Return (3rd post)
118 Rumors concerning witches arise in Andris. Riloma Witches' Brew – The Riddle
216 The ancient journal on display in Brigobaen has been stolen. N/A ARDENT, Page 2 (2nd post)
226 The volcano erupts, and an angry Magma Golem is brought down. Near the volcano entrance there are traces of brigand activity, and a magic rune with a crystal-like symbol. A note reads, "Crystal testing for hostile monsters: successful!" N/A Magnus the Enraged Magma Golem - A Volcano Adventure

Harvest MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
20 A page of the stolen journal has been restored to Brigobaen. It reads, "Eyes will gaze upon the lands and weep tears of darkness..." N/A ARDENT, Page 2 (4th post)
69 Adventurers find a huge, gaping black hole just off the eastern shores of Lerilin. While investigating, they find themselves transported to an unknown dimension of almost absolute darkness, the Shadowy Plains. Eventually they find a portal with four spires in the sea of shadows, and manage to activate it with fire. A magical display appears over the portal, listing the locations "Bastion", "Void Outlook", and "Spellfire Armory", but the exhausted group instead chooses to return home. N/A Empty Spaces (5th post)
79 A legion of the Ice Flight attacks the Hidden Vale, but is beaten back with the help of Commander Koggar. Koggar says that there is a being called the Balancer of Nature who is trapped in the form of a troll – the Voodoo Troll. N/A News Flash, Page 9 (4th post)
116 Another gigantic rift is found in the waters near the Andris Vanguard. N/A More Shadows (6th post)
~126 Another rift found on the island of the Children of the Sun. N/A ARDENT, Page 2 (7th post)
153 Elisabeth makes an appearance outside Andris. Elisabeth News Flash, Page 9 (5th post)
166 Adventurers use the rift at the Children of the Sun to travel to an unknown dimension, this one littered with the remains of a great battle or execution from long ago. Several old skeletons are found that appear to be the remains of Knights from the Order of Fire. One of them is clutching a bag of candles. The adventurers find a sign on a portal reading, "The first void war cycle 456". After exploring for a while, they find the ruins of a large fortress, which had apparently been blown apart – it is called Bastion. They return to the portal, which is identical to the one found in the Shadowy Plains, and use it to come back home. N/A Trip to Bastion (8th post)

Dancing MoonEdit


Lucky MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
146 Ant invasion to the south of Andris. N/A News Flash, Page 9 (9th post)

Blue MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
240 A shadow-like, humanoid creature attacks the castle of Mirith, slaying Voltan, Serath and Nafets, before dissolving into nothingness, leaving behind two rings. All three of the victims were found with a glowing black wound. Voltan



The Black Shadow - a chronicle of recent atrocities

To speak that word.... All slain, all dead.

245 By now, there is a note written by King N'eroth in the castle's basement, announcing that he has departed the city to return to a life sailing the high seas. N/A The Black Shadow (2nd post)

Fighting MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
~2 Mayor Palmer is found dead at the Lerilin inn, the stab wound in his back glowing black. Bats, phase serpents and other dark creatures attack the town's southeast gate. The defenders of Lerilin defeat them and find that the rift off the eastern shore is acting up again. Palmer The Black Shadow (2nd post)

A Mayor lost, a Rift gained

15 Senator Morgans goes missing from Andris. Eyewitness accounts state that she was last seen leaving the city in a hurry, speaking to a black-clad figure near the stables, before running toward the Andris rift. At around the same time, a parcel containing her gingerbread is found in Lerilin. N/A The Black Shadow (3rd post)
26 Senators Ellychas and Anderson are found dead in the Andris Keep. Their veins glow black, as do the crumbs of Morgans' gingerbread found on the floor nearby. A guard coming to investigate takes a taste of the gingerbread unknowingly, and meets the same fate. An unknown agent of ARDENT then arrives on the scene, confiscating the gingerbread as well as the corpses. Soon afterwards, a Marali guardsman comes running into the Red City, announcing that his city has fallen to the armies of Vandrovic and the Ice Spirit. Commander Vaup stayed behind to secure the citizens' escape through the catacombs, and is presumed dead. Elisabeth also comes to Andris, drawn by the smell of the mysteriously poisoned blood. She reveals that dragons and vampires have always been enemies, before her brother Viktor comes to take her home. Later, two agents of ARDENT are overheard sharing information near Waltham's memorial. ARDENT has apparently lost all contact with Edgard since they "entered the void". In other news, they are getting closer to completing some special armor prototype. Falov Ellychas




Ice Spirit

Nyatha Vaup



The Black Shadow (4th post)

The Battle for Marali - Nyatha Vaup

38 Adventurers come to the rift just west of Andris to assist Agent Ezranth of ARDENT in collecting a Zionidic Crystal from a Void Serpent to be used in research. After the battle, a cacophony of whispers emerges from the rift, and all those present flee the vicinity. Sometime during the day's events, Ezranth is heard muttering, "I sure hope they find that tower soon..." Ezranth The Rifts Deepen

The Black Shadow (5th post)

39 A disturbance at the rift northeast of Marali Lake. Brigands found in the area appear to have gone insane, having been traumatized by the whispers of the void. One of them is swallowed up by a hound of shadow that disappears as suddenly as it had arrived. Other brigands swing at trees, attack each other and say things like "Forgive me, for I have sinned..." and "No...I killed you...two years ago!" In the center of the rift lies the body of Arathis, marked with stab wounds glowing a deep black. N/A The Departure of Arathis

The Black Shadow (5th post)

~40 Ezranth comes to Mirith to investigate the assassinations. He is taken into the city's vaults by Royal Guard Amere, and attempts to steal something. He claims that ARDENT has seen this type of killing before, but he does not know much else. He says that Edgard was onto something before he went missing, and that Senator Morgans wasn't kidnapped, but went toward the Andris rift on her own free will. Ezranth then uses one of his devices to teleport away, presumably with whatever item he had stolen. Ezranth All slain, all dead.
74 Adventurers speak to a surviving Maralian guardsman in the Mirith inn. He reveals that some of the other survivors have set up a refugee camp on the Lerilin Atoll. Those who go to investigate arrive at the same time as an ice dragon, who is killed with the help of Lady Elisabeth. She proposes an alliance to the Captain of the Guard, in order to drive the Ice Flight from Marali. They formulate a plan for a future invasion: Elisabeth and her vampire allies would create a diversion at the front gate of Marali, while the human forces attack from the catacombs. This proves to be an unpopular decision, given the ill will most people harbor for the vampire. Back in Mirith, Viktor is found absorbed in a spellbook, but is cajoled into telling more about the forgotten history of the vampires. He also reveals that he is trying to develop artificial blood for vampire consumption. Guard Captain



A Leap of Faith
97 Elisabeth and some humans come to Brigobaen to enlist another vampire in the campaign to liberate Marali: the energetic youth Jayson, who has an affinity for the druidic arts, and had attempted to tame the sea serpents in Hermit Lake. Elisabeth



Meeting the new vampire, Jayson.
122 With some help from Viktor, the two adventurers Ryen and Dracilus track down Elisabeth in the forests outside Welif and attempt to infiltrate her home. She is seen with a younger girl, who turns out to be her daughter Charlotte. Elisabeth catches them and invites them in to her house, and they discuss strategy. It is determined that Vandrovic's fledgling alliance with the forest dragons must be stopped before it has a chance to crystallize into something more concrete, and to that end, the dragons who carry on Lord Crausaar's legacy of coexistence must be found. Viktor



Old Friends
~125 An agent of ARDENT kills a phase serpent outside Mirith, searches its corpse (perhaps for a Zionidic Crystal), and leaves empty-handed. Agent Lerilin Cem strange
~140 The rift southwest of the Andris bridge flares up. A massive void dragon begins to emerge from within the rift, when a large, molten stone spear appears and pierces the dragon dead. Runes are found on the spear, revealing a message from Edgard. He states that he has lost contact with the world of Oberin, perhaps permanently, and will continue to work in the unfamiliar Void Realm. N/A A message in an Arrow
146 Iceane of the Mirith Vanguard is kidnapped by a Giant Wizard. The cleric manages to distract the giant by talking about different types of cooking methods, buying enough time for the rescue party to arrive. N/A The Kidnapping of a Mirith Vanguard Cleric (10th post)
183 Vandrovic and the Ice Spirit invade Foehan, hoping to establish a base of operations closer to Mirith. They are repelled by a task force from the Royal City. At the end of the battle, Vandrovic announces that he has killed Commander Vaup, before flying away. Rogue

Ice Spirit


Terminal Frost
~231 Outside the Tree Maze, a massive and bloody battle takes place between Vandrovic's allied forces and the forest dragons loyal to Mexur, son of Crausaar. Vandrovic has apparently added a vampire to his list of allies: Lady Elphina, the leader of a violent rebellion in ancient history. After the battle, some humans investigating the area find Mexur and an incapacitated Pervil – the black dragon had been cursed by Elphina and is now in a coma. Elisabeth catches wind of the incident and takes it upon herself to effect a cure with Viktor. The two dragons are to remain in Elisabeth's secret abode, and so her daughter Charlotte is entrusted to the care of Ryen and Dracilus. Vandrovic





The thread that wound the universe...

Sleeping MoonEdit

Day Event Synopsis Involved NPCs Reports
168 Adventurers aid Mexur in locating an ancient tome to be used in the curing of his sister Pervil. Mexur News Flash, Page 10 (1st post)
~180 Another item is gathered in the quest to cure Pervil: a special nevia known as the Flower of Life. Mexur News Flash, Page 10 (2nd post)
192 The third item is gathered: a vial of blood from a vampire skilled in healing. In exchange for the blood, adventurers agree to take out a necromancer in the Mirith cemetery. Vampire


News Flash, Page 10 (4th post)
197 Elisabeth reveals that the healing of Pervil is not going so well, and will take much more time. The vampire and Mexur have had to "subdue" the black dragon. Fearing that the excitement will be too much for Charlotte, Elisabeth has Charlotte escorted to Mirith, where she will stay with Opal at the inn. Elisabeth


News Flash, Page 10 (3rd post)
217 Some adventurers teach Charlotte about wizard and druid magic – the girl has demonstrated the ability to cast spells from all three traditional branches. She also manages to tame a pixie, whom she names "Elisa". Charlotte News Flash, Page 10 (4th post)
~220 Elphina feasts on Iceane of the Mirith Vanguard. Later, he finds Charlotte in town, and helps to teach her cleric magery and to assuage her fears of being an outcast among humankind. Elphina


Deaths Which Do Not Scar
223 A sizable force comes to Marali to fight the armies of Vandrovic, which are no longer sealed up in the city. When the roar of an ancient is heard from within, the party flees via the portal. Vandrovic News Flash, Page 10 (4th post)
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